It wasn’t too long ago when rumblings of Netflix collaborations and Universal Studio deals had fans hoping their favorite Nintendo IP’s would come to life on television and theater screens. Since then the only confirmation we’ve had is that Universal is hard at work alongside Nintendo to bring some of the familiar characters to their amusement parks. But as for potential movies or television series Nintendo has remained pretty mum — until now, it seems.

A job listing on the Japanese Nintendo site has fans aflutter over the possibility of Nintendo gracing television and/or movie screens once more. The job title calls for an “anime series 3D designer” according to reports. But whether such a job entails working on in-game cutscenes, creating promotional shorts such as the Super Smash Bros. videos, or developing a television series is hard to say right now.

This wouldn’t be Nintendo’s first foray into television and movies, and the mixed results of the Big N’s past ventures may be why they’ve only recently returned to looking into expanding their IP’s presences beyond games and toys. From the mishandled Super Mario Bros. live-action movie to the animated Legend of Zelda series that has reached meme status, it’s little surprise Nintendo is reluctant to repeat the mistakes of the past. Hopefully these newest attempts, whatever form they’ll take, will fare better.

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  • Linkle

    Pfft. Not like it’s likely to go any better than the Zelda cartoon anyway, if such a thing were to happen, given modern ideas of what a “hero” is like.

    I’ll believe it when I see they’re doing it and that it’s actually a decent representation.

  • Modern Zelda

    Super smash bros anime. Super smash bros anime. Super smash bros anime.
    I’m not obsessed or anything.

  • Ima Badlady

    すみま せん 王女

  • True Davad

    The Mario Bros Movie wasn’t even made by Nintendo. Nintendo simply has thew rights because of a copyright lawsuit. Remember the previous animated series was before the Zelda Universe was fleshed out. I could see it working if handled right. If they do make a series it could be awesome.