According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is reportedly in the early development stages of creating a Legend of Zelda television show. Supposedly being thought of as a Game of Thrones for a family audience, Netflix is working very closely with Nintendo in the creative process of the series in order to ensure quality control. There are no writers attached to the project as of yet and there is even the possibility that the show never actually gets off the ground, as many don’t. The idea is incredibly enticing though, and with Netflix at the helm, Nintendo’s storied franchise could not be in better hands.

Netflix refused to comment on the story and Nintendo did not immediately comment on the project when asked by the Wall Street Journal. As the show is very early on in the development process, it could be a while before we hear any concrete details — and that is if the story is even true at all.

  • Redead Link

    Da fuc…

  • serenitygal

    Well excuuuuse me, princess!

  • Lilas Hirschland

    Dear god : no

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Would really enjoy this, if they actually did it right…

  • Nick

    please be just a rumor

    • Morgan

      Netflix does an awesome job on all their shows. They are top tier. I would totally support a LoZ show made by Netflix in collaboration with Nintendo.

      • Nick

        youre right, ive loved a lot of netflix shows. i just have never seen a good videogame to tv/movie adaptation, ever.

        • Dominick

          We know nintendo has good quality control on their games, and they will be very involved with this project if it takes off so i have no worries. just look at smash bros wii u. namco bandai helped develop the game and you wouldnt even of known that because it feels like a true nintendo title.

          • Nick

            well i mean nintendo isnt exactly in the tv business… they havent exactly done great in the past with “quality control” on licensing. all they need to do is sign off a contract and make a few bucks, its a low risk and paid advertising.

            on top of it all im certain neither of these companies are interested in spending the cash on the cgi that would be needed to give a live action zelda the proper look. not to mention, formatting the zelda games to a tv show could prove to be very, very awkward considering the story (from a writing standpoint, i really cant see it working out episodically). ultimately, there doesnt seem to be much more than rumor here, and i am seriously not confident that if it wasnt one, that they could make a quality tv show out of this franchise.

          • trilink

            we all know that this is what ganondorf will end up looking like… please guys


          • Anthony Moseley

            This isn’t a SyFy series. I’m sure they’ll have a much bigger budget.

          • trilink

            this was DBZ movie man.. a 30 mil dollar movie

        • justinpr1234

          I disagree the super Mario bros show was pretty good.

      • Anthony Moseley

        Agreed, if it was any other media outlet I’d be a bit worried (except for maybe HBO or AMC, that’d be awesome too), but Netflix has a solid track record for their original series. At this point though, it just appears to be a rumor, so nothing is set in stone yet.

  • Ethan

    I totally support this. A Netflix-quality series taking place in Hyrule sounds excellent. And it will be nice to hear link speak again. But this is coming from someone who loved the animates series.

  • Richie

    If this is true, I sure hope they pull it off right. Because history shows that bad things are usually associated with Link speaking in complete sentences.

  • CEObrainz

    Netflix has backed some surprisingly good content so I have decent expectations for this. Hopefully they put ample attention into the world, lore and world they’re trying to create. I also hope it has an independent story line, that way no one can really say what will happen next and the excitement can be shared by everyone.

  • Ben Steigerwalt

    I had to check to see if is was April. If this is the case I hope it is on the same level as the lord of the rings.

    • craZ

      Lol, that’s exactly what I said to my brother a lil bit ago. Sure hope it’s the case

  • Isaac Cook

    I’m… skeptical at best.

  • Shane

    People have been criticizing the “Game of Thrones for all ages” thing. To clarify they were talking about the genre. Zelda, LOTR, and Game of Thrones are all medieval fantasy.

  • Trinosaur

    I read on Kotaku that they were planning to make it live-action. I’m not super into live-action adaptations of things like this. I would much much prefer some kind of anime style cartoon, or else a more serious toned cartoon. But I guess they don’t see people taking animated content seriously? I’m an animator though so what can I say. I always want things to be animated.

    • Rust

      I don’t think anime is an appropriate format for Zelda.

      Would rather something like How to Train Your Dragon.

      • Arya

        Going to have to beg to differ.

        • Trinosaur


      • Talmor

        …Now picturing what it might be like if Dreamworks were doing this adaptation instead of Netflix…. (I love How to Train Your Dragon!)

      • Trinosaur

        I do not mean straight-up anime. I mean something that isn’t like… comical? Like the avatar series. Funny moments, but a well-thought out plot etc. Not just a 30 min gag run.

    • Talmor

      More likely is that Netflix already has a staff of people who can make a live-action series and it’d be more expensive to hire on a brand new team for animation.

      They provide a lot of cartoons and anime available on Netflix. If they didn’t think people took animated content seriously, I think there’d be a lot less.

      • Trinosaur

        But it isn’t about what Netflix wants. Ultimately Nintendo is going to make the calls. Also, Netflix original cartoons are contracted out to animation studios. Netflix offers the anime/cartoons that they have because of licensing agreements and the demand for it.

        Nintendo is a Japanese company after-all, so I can imagine they must appreciate anime at least a little bit.

        Mostly, I just don’t care for live action much at all. Especially not for Zelda considering the video games have always had a cartoony/animated style. It’s clashy and doesn’t sit well with me.

  • Ryan Haynes

    This could go really good or really bad.
    Both ways will be great, actually. Either a real Zelda TV Series, or the revival of YTPs.

  • yayayayayaya that’s so cool!!

  • Baker1000

    It’s all about striking the right tone. It has a lot of potential to be epic, but at the same time it could easily be over the top or cheesy. I wonder, would they try to base it off of a story within one of the games, or write an entirely new story?

  • Amanda

    I need to be cast in this.

  • My expectations are kind of low for this. Still, if this gets made, I’ll sign up for a Netflix account and watch it anyway. It can’t be any worse than some of the fanfilms out there.

  • John

    I say please don’t be a rumor! I think Netflix would make an awesome ideal to develop the LoZ Series. even if it’s a cartoon series, I would Love to view it.

  • Zeldarisingdarkness

    This just means I gotta get my Zelda movie done pronto! Cuz I’m not gonna lie… if I could be Link, that’s be just slightly the coolest thing ever.

  • MinishDude

    I’m still a bit wary about the whole thing…. I remember the old 80s cartoon show. It’d be cool if they did a decent budget adaptation of the manga. I just finished reading the Hero of Time trilogy, and they’re pretty solid.

  • Xavier Zays

    In my oppinion I think they should have a go at it it won’t hurt! If they never do it we will just never know what could be good or bad. it’s been too long a lot of us want it but of course there’s a crowd that doesn’t want it. Truth is they need it! I get that link doesn’t speak but it’s not his fault he’s quiet lol. give it a chance if your against it.

    I’ve always wanted a zelda movie didn’t really think about a show but now that I’m thinking about it I dnt think I mind having it. I just hope they use a lot of cgi for this I don’t wanna see a low budget legend of zelda I wanna see what I see In the games. ONLY way they can pull this off is a high budget show with good actors that resemble the characters in zelda.

    For the speaking….guys come on link and all other characters can’t be quiet all the time….especially with the technology we have and how it’s growing every year….look at hyrule warriors that should’ve had voice overs it was beautifuly done the graphics were amazing! Just think about a movie or show.

    • heroofmasks

      prob is nintendo made it clear link wont ever have a voice so doing this would make any kinda show seem wierd having every character talk but link i know link talks in the game nintendo doesnt show the players what hes saying so they can imagine how hes saying it but to put that in a movie anime live action would again be wierd

      zelda whats your name

      link …

      zelda link thats a nice name

      now if they ended up giving link a voice most would prob whine about his voice or love it then nag nintendo whhen the zelda games dont use va in the game nah its better they stay clear or come up with a work around

  • Carter

    The Legend of Zelda would be better as an anime. I really don’t like the idea of this as a live action series.

  • Clinton Robertson

    I would love to see this, but I would hate to see them try and make a long running Link character. I would rather see a live action TV series that shows off the Hyrulean Civil War. This would give it a great setting, not require Link necessarily, and wouldn’t need tons of CGI as most of it could stay within the realm of normal medieval conflict.

  • Talmor

    Well, hope to get some clarity if its a rumor or not soon.

    …Do you think they’d do an animated show or non-animated? If they do non-animated, where would they go to film?

  • Rimga

    Link was always a girl on the inside. Just look at how he took all those ReDead butt-poundings, lmao.

  • Richard Eastwood

    I don’t know about this… I feel that if they do make a LOZ it shouldn’t be live action

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