Nintendo Switch hype is real, but some people on the internet are worried that the new Nintendo console might bring the dual screen experience the Wii U brought. Some players were not completely content with the dual screen gameplay from the Wii U, citing games like Star Fox Zero as games they found tedious for having to look at the gamepad at all times instead of the TV screen.

Well, these people can rest assured that the Nintendo Switch will not be like the Wii U. Polygon reached out to Nintendo in order to get clarification on this topic, and Nintendo confirmed that, while off screen features are obviously still there, the new console will be a single screen experience, stating that “Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose.”

Polygon also asked Nintendo about some other aspects of the Nintendo Switch, but did not receive any response to those questions. Instead, they were informed that more Switch announcements will be made before its launch in March. However, none of these announcements will occur this year.

I, for one, am glad the two-screen mechanic is gone, because while being able to access the menu item without pausing during a Zelda game was neat, for the same reason I would receive more damage during the game, especially when I had to be changing items during a boss battle. Those three seconds of me looking at the screen would give my enemies the chance to attack me freely. What are your thoughts, though? Do you approve of this decision?

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