Today marked the first reveal of Nintendo’s next generation console, the Nintendo Switch (previously codenamed NX). If you haven’t seen the reveal, click here now. Don’t worry I’ll wait. Done? Ok, good. So after months and months of speculation, people finally got to see the new console and how people could interact with it to play games. The console itself is a hybrid system, in that it can be a portable handheld console, as well as a dedicated home gaming console, something the gaming industry hasn’t really seen before. Safe to say, I’m hyped for the console and the last time a console reveal had me this excited was when this happened:

You’ll have to excuse the poor quality video (it was over a decade ago!), but the Nintendo Revolution trailer (now known as the Wii) had me considerably hyped for the console. One of the most fascinating aspects of Nintendo’s advertising strategy was to not show the games in the reveal, but instead show how people interacted with the console. The Nintendo Wii’s main focus was its motion controllers and the trailer shows how anybody and everybody can use the console, which in turn attracted all types of new audiences to its games. Using sound effect cues, the trailer also sparked people’s imaginations on the types of games that were being played, showcasing the potential of the system even more.

When the Wii was released, it faced a huge surge in demand and was sold out for months in many retailers. It truly was a revolutionary device as it changed the gaming industry from focusing on so called “hardcore” gamers to casual gamers and everyone in between. It was an inclusive system, and allowed fun experiences to be shared by all age groups. One of my best memories of the Wii is playing Wii Sports with my mom who never really played video games in her entire life. The decade since the reveal of the Nintendo Wii has seen things go back to “normal” with the major consoles investing heavily into the “hardcore” gaming audience. Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch will have something to say about that.