“Awaiting His Return” by Art-Zealot is a beautiful piece of fan art for Skyward Sword. Fi watches over Link as he enters the silent realm, patiently waiting for him to come back from his spiritual trial.

Though the art itself is gorgeous, what I love even more is the story behind it. Art-Zealot states in the artworks description;

“This particular moment illustrates something no one sees when they play the game. When Link takes his first trip to the Silent Realm, I often wonder if Fi worries about him — in her own calculating way.”


Fi is one of my absolute favorite characters in The Legend of Zelda, and I love it when people give her a sense of sentiment. I like to think that throughout her journey alongside of Link, she becomes more tender and warm, while still maintaining a rigorous exterior. This thought is portrayed perfectly in this piece of art. The way Fi watches over her master, though stoic, still seems concerned. Though I suppose this is up for interpretation, I see quite a touching scene.

Along with this fascinating concept, as I mentioned before, the artwork itself is beautiful. It’s not too simple, but not overly detailed. I love how Link’s face is darkened, convincing the viewer that his mind is in another realm. The background, though we can tell it is Faron Woods, is also vague, giving Fi the center spotlight of the piece, as it should be. Her posture is so elegant. The glowing ground is very convincing, giving off the illusion of light. The artwork is simply beautiful.

“May the goddess watch over you, Master” are the last words Fi gives you before you begin your trial, and this artwork gives us that reassurance that maybe the goddess isn’t the only one looking out for Link anymore.

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