I’m not sure why, but this week I had an overwhelming urge to listen to “the Market theme” from Ocarina of Time, and sure enough, I found this great cover of it by YouTube user Tweex. It’s so cheerful and upbeat, just like the merry Castle Town of Hyrule’s past. The title given to this remix is “the Market Pub”, and the instruments used along with the rosy tempo definitely lives up to the title.

When I first listened to this cover, I wasn’t quite sure of what I was listening to. It sounded so modern, yet I knew the chords were that of the Zelda tune. I kept listening, and as I did, I kept getting more and more of a Blackmore’s Night vibe; a mixture of contemporary and medieval/celtic music. For the rest of the tune, I was bobbing my head back and forth to the sunny tune that is the marketplace.

This cover makes me think of all the fun things to do in Castle Town. I always imagine the scene from the Ocarina of Time manga where Link first meets Zelda and they go around town, playing games and goofing off. Another image that comes to mind while listening to this is the dancing couple out in the main square of town. Perhaps it’s because this jolly rendition makes me want to dance so much!

Tweex does other video game covers which can be found on both YouTube and his website!

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