“Oh great hero, chosen by the Master Sword!”

The words of the Earth Sage Laruto come to mind when listening to “Ancient Hero”, a remixed rendition of “The Legendary Hero” by DarkeSword (from OC Remix). This cover of the Wind Waker melody is absolutely worth the listen; the orchestration is wonderful, keeps true to the spirit of the original source, and captivates the imagination.

At first, the theme seems most like Laruto’s rendition of the song, making prominent use of the harp. As the song goes on, choirs, trumpets, and drums create a more intense, powerful feel to the piece. When I hear the progression of this song, I envision Link’s trials throughout The Wind Waker, becoming more crucial and demanding after each dungeon, and at the end, with a final strum of the harp, the peace that has returned once more.

This was the first song to truly introduce me to the Legend of Zelda series, and to hear it so beautifully remastered brings me great feelings of joy. I really wish this remix could have been implemented in an official trailer or part of The Wind Waker HD; it just feels like that level of quality (at least to me). Even if it’s not your favorite version of the song, the level of direction and musical skill is still something to be admired in this piece.

If you enjoyed listening to this gorgeous remix, you can download it for free at OC Remix!

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