This E3, Nintendo fed us hungry Zelda fans hours of gameplay footage and one breathtaking trailer, but the influx of news doesn’t stop there. Gameplay footage and interviews are still pouring in, and one notable interview with Bill Trinen by YouTuber Katie Wilson reveals an interesting bit of trivia about the Breath of the Wild trailer.

“Little known fact: the trailer for Breath of the Wild, all that footage is actually Aonuma-san playing the game himself. So that’s a little secret for you.”

Does this change your perspective on the trailer?

  • Dan0709

    That moment when you realize Link’s short pants or whatever they are called, look A LOT like sheik’s first half of her pants…

    • Michael Cortorreal

      Actually they look like Shulk’s beach attire in Smash for WiiU

      • Dan0709

        that too, but the pattern and stitching is almost 100% like sheik’s pattern