Twitch streamers Iateyourpie and SpikeVegeta have formally declared March to be the month of Mushrooms and Masterswords. All through March they will be racing each other through “almost every Mario and Zelda game that matters (and a few that don’t!).” They’ve posted their race schedule for the entire month of March and you can expect the major games like Ocarina of Time as well as lesser-known titles such as Mario Teaches Typing — how many of you learned how to type through that game? I know I did!

The winner of each race will gain one point, and whoever ends up with the most points by the end of the month will be awarded the following:

  • Loser Donates $100 to a charity of the Winner’s choice
  • Loser has to do casual play through of Winner’s choice
  • Loser has to wear an outfit of Winner’s Choice
  • Loser has to eat a food item of Winner’s Choice
  • Loser has to make a sub emote of Winner’s Face

Viewers can play along too by voting for who you think will win each race! Whoever has the most correct guesses will win a $50 Nintendo eShop gift card. The guys are also giving away another $50 eShop gift card to one lucky winner chosen at random. All you have to do is enter here to be eligible to win.

For more info about their live stream and to find where to watch it, be sure to visit their website.

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