Who ever dreamt of walking down the street, thinking, “I feel like dressing my Hyrule Warriors Legends fairy up like a princess”, and then proceeded to walk into a 7-Eleven to get said costume? I know I have. If you’re in Japan, well then you’re in luck, because this is exactly what you’ll be able to do. From now until February 29, you can walk into any 7-eleven in Japan and, using one of their hotspots for the 3DS, you’ll be able to get a Princess cap, tunic, and skirt. You can check out the complete costume below. You might be thinking that a 7-Eleven is a totally random place to use for this hotspot content, but if you’re a Japan enthusiast like me, you’ll know that 7-Elevens are almost in every corner of Japan. Thirty-one percent of all 7-Elevens in the world are located in Japan, with more than 2,000 in Tokyo alone. So this is actually quite a strategically good place to use for this.

fairy princess 7-eleven

But there are more Hyrule Warriors Legends goodies for Japanese players to own. Two guidebooks will also be going on sale soon! These books will cost 2000 yen (around $16.83 or £11.80) and both contain 272 pages. Volume one will be focusing on the Action and Legend modes, giving us a World Guide that introduces all the characters, a System Guide that will essentially teach you how to play, a section explaining all the weapons available and which are recommended for each character, a full walkthrough helping you run through Legend mode, and a guide to help you find all 128 Golden Skulltulas. Volume two, on the other hand, will focus on the Adventure mode. It will include a complete Adventure mode map with all the maps in the game. Furthermore, it will also include a guide on how to obtain all badges, mixtures, and medals, alongside a full list of playable characters, costumes and weapons. Volume one went on sale this past January 21, while volume two goes on sale on January 30.