Famitsu recently featured Twilight Princess HD once again, and unlike their first feature where new details were scarce, this time we were given some juicy information regarding the exclusive Wolf Link Amiibo created for the game.

It was revealed that upon using the Amiibo at a certain place, you’d be given access to a dungeon that plays in a very similar fashion to the Cave of Ordeals in the original Twilight Princess game. This cave has been named the “Trial of the Beast” in Japan, and the “Cave of Shadows” in North America. But it’s not just shadowy trials that this cave offers; there is an interesting reward for keen adventurers. If you go into this dungeon and clear it while possessing the Giant Wallet, you’ll receive the Bottomless Wallet, which holds up to 9,999 rupees. This increases the limit of Rupees you can carry significantly, compared to the previous maximum of 1,000 courtesy of the Giant’s Wallet.

It was already known that the Wolf Link Amiibo would be used to import some data over to the newest Zelda game, Zelda Wii U. However, what exactly this contains is still a mystery. You can check out the Wolf Link Amiibo in action in the recent trailer, which explains all of the game’s Amiibo functionality in detail.

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  • NasiDe

    What’ll they do with Agitha’s quests then, you think? This kinda nullifies the point of them.

    • Devin Leroy Bratcher

      need to complete her quests to get the giants wallet in the first place so not quite pointless since you need said wallet in your possession when you complete the cave to get the new increased wallet size

      • NasiDe

        What if you clear it without the other wallets then..?

        • Zansouki

          You’ll receive nothing, I suppose. Just the satisfaction of having cleared the dungeon. x)

          • Wolf Deity

            or it’s a wallet + type thing so if you beat this first you get the giants and then with agitha you would get the bottomless.

          • NasiDe

            That would probably be better. I had to force myself to finish up her quest before.

        • Saratje

          Silver rupee, I’d guess.

          • NasiDe

            “You got a silver rupee! But your wallet’s full. Better put it back.” lB

  • Shona

    This will be great for the Magic Armor!

  • David K.

    Someone needs to send the team at Nintendo a dictionary. If it’s got a limit, it ain’t bottomless!

  • Saratje

    While the fact that there’ll be a Twilight Princess HD is awesome, it also goes to confirm my suspicions.

    Two years ago, they said Windwaker HD served also as a testbed to create a huge world without instanced spaces (that is the transition animation when you walk into the end of a level and the game fades to black briefly with link walking in and out of an area). Such seamless gameplay is imperative for an open world feeling which Zelda Wii U is said to be.

    But about a year ago they would admit that a world entirely without these transitions would be impossible. I’m starting to think that Nintendo bit off more than they can chew for Zelda Wii U and that the current system isn’t up to such requirements. Thus Nintendo is either desperately trying to find a way to make it possible anyway, or to make a Wii U version with transitional areas and a more competent Nintendo NX version that does as they wanted. Meaning, it may take a long while yet and thus these HD versions are to keep us occupied until a 2017-2018 delayed release of the brand new Zelda Wii U (or worst case scenario, it becomes exclusively Zelda NX).