Screenshots featured in Famitsu magazine indicate that the number of Tears of Light in Twilight Princess HD have been reduced. Four pages in the latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine are devoted to the upcoming game and illustrate the changes.

In the original GameCube and Wii releases of Twilight Princess, 15 Tears of Light were required in order to fill the Vessel of Light during the battle with the Twilight Bloat at Lake Hylia. Screenshots suggest that players will now only need to collect 11. No text in the magazine confirms the changes, however.

The segments in the original game were met with some criticism as the Tears of Light are scattered around an existing part of the hub area for players to fetch, seemingly in order to elongate the game. A change of this nature would be comparable to The Wind Waker HD streamlining the Triforce hunting section.

Twilight Princess HD will be released for the Wii U on March 4 in Europe and North America, and on March 10 in Japan.