At long last, Nintendo has unveiled the specifics of Amiibo functionality for Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U. As many have suspected, the Wolf Link/Midna Amiibo (that is available bundled with Twilight Princess HD), is the key to accessing a new dungeon of sorts: The Cave of Shadows. This cave can only be accessed by tapping this particular Amiibo. Within this cave is a brand new set of challenges that pit players in Wolf Link form against waves of enemies.

After beating all of the challenges within the cave, players can then save a record of their remaining Hearts to the Wolf Link Amiibo. This allows you to replay The Cave of Shadows in order to best your previous score, attempting to survive the cave with more Hearts remaining than before. No official word yet on what in-game rewards you will receive by completing The Cave of Shadows.

The Amiibo tapping fun doesn’t stop there. Tapping the Super Smash Bros. series Link and Toon Link Amiibo will replenish your arrows, while the Zelda and Sheik Amiibo will serve as impromptu Red Potion, replenishing your hearts. For all the daring Legend of Zelda gamers out there, tapping the Ganondorf Amiibo will literally make Link’s life a lot more frustrating. The Ganondorf Amiibo doubles the damage that Link receives from enemies within a play session, making Link’s already treacherous existence that much more difficult and painful. No doubt there will be some players looking to obtain uber nerd bragging rights by playing through the game in Hero mode while frequently tapping the Ganondorf Amiibo, and also refusing to use the helpful Amiibo.

Finally, once more we are reminded that the Wolf Link/Midna Amiibo will be compatible with Zelda Wii U. Details on how it will be compatible are just as scarce as those for Zelda Wii U itself, but it’s likely that your high score in The Cave of Shadows will factor in somehow. Nintendo has been doing a swell job of expanding the role and functionality with Amiibo, and it’s great to see that within The Legend of Zelda series.

Surely these features will encourage players that are looking forward to the two Zelda games coming out on Wii U this year to go ahead and purchase the compatible Amiibo. Who knows, Zelda Wii U might even get it’s own set of new Amiibo. Below is the video detailing the Amiibo functionality for Twilight Princess HD, reminding you that they are useless unless the hand that holds them has courage.