Ever wanted to know what it felt like when Miyamoto and his colleagues first started to work on a Zelda game? Well then now is your chance! Squareknot will be teaching you exactly how to create your very own Zelda adventure.

First of all, should your desire to be a wannabe Zelda game developer reach higher than the sky itself, you will need to download the Zelda Quest program. After you download said program, you’ll be able to make your own maps and quests, making yourself one step closer to emulating the life of Miyamoto and his team. A more detailed explanation on how to go about creating your quests can be found on Squareknot’s website. If their small tutorial does not answer all of your questions, you can try out this even more detailed tutorial.

After finishing your maps, you can even share them on PureZC, the biggest Zelda Quest forum on the internet, and discuss any Zelda Quest-related questions you may have.

Are you ready to build? This is definitely a super interesting and fun project, so if I were you, I’d be heading over to Zelda Quest and be downloading the program already!

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