DJ Hardwell has announced he will be performing an Ocarina of Time remix at The Game Awards! Hardwell has comfirmed his appearance alongside other famous artists, such as Deadmau5, and has stated previously that his song of choice from Ocarina of Time is the Gerudo Valley theme. He even confessed to playing on a 3DS in between his extensive touring.

Zelda fans expect for some new information to be unveiled at The Game Awards; perhaps this is a hint that there will in fact be some new info regarding the much anticipated Zelda Wii U title? It seems unlikely, given that the remix is from Ocarina of Time specifically, and not of the Legend of Zelda as a whole. But, hey, we can have some hope, right?

The Game Awards will be taking place on December 3, at 6PM Pacific and 9PM Eastern, so we only have to wait a little longer to hear Hardwell’s remix!

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