When Zelda Universe staff member Humulos isn’t helping out with our YouTube videos, or making his own, he is lucky enough to sleep warmly under his wife Jessica’s amazing creation: the Quilt Entertainment System.

A project ten months in the making, this king-sized quilt features over forty different sprites from NES games ranging from the popular to the little more obscure, and from heroes to villains. The blocky sprites lend themselves well to the art of quilting, which is all about sewing pieces of fabric together to make something bigger and better. In all, about 5,700 pieces of fabric went into this quilt. The only conditions set were that it had to include the couple’s personal favorites Bowser and Balloon Fighter. The rest of the space was taken up by other favorite characters from childhood and beyond, as well as iconic characters and ones that helped tie the quilt’s elements together.

Click on the image below to see the full-sized picture in all of its glory.

Humulos quilt full

You can check out the full details on the quilt on Humulos’s post, or watch the video below. If you’re interested in purchasing a pattern to make the quilt yourself, let Humulos know in the video’s comments and Jessica might make it happen!

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