Back in June we brought you news of Project Third Quest, a fan mod of Ocarina of Time that was set to bring a new experience to the classic N64 game. Now, a portion of the mod is finally playable.

Patch 0.5 offers a small selection of maps, such as Dread Gulch and the Earth Labyrinth, ahead of the larger 1.0 patch that will be arriving later. You can find instructions on how to download the patch on Project Third Quest’s site, where future updates will also be posted.

Check out the trailer for this first patch below!

  • John Barrett

    This looks amazing! Hopefully they finish the entire thing!

  • Fin

    The music is sort of annoying.. not gonna sugar coat it

    • Ryan Haynes

      N64 instruments can be difficult to work with.

    • Bacon Informer

      Fin???!!! why are you over here???

      • Fin

        just hanginnnnng out 🙂

        • Bacon Informer

          dont go to the dark side of zelda fan sites come back to the informer

          • Fin

            haha I honestly only comment on stuff on zu and zd if it isn’t/hasn’t been/being covered by zi 🙂 🙂

          • Bacon Informer

            but they only upload like 2 things every two days XD

          • Fin

            hahaha I get REALLY bored and only like a few things. Music, Zelda, Astronomy, and sharks. I used to like Mega Man a lot.

  • Sdudyoy

    You know what would be pretty awesome? (Besides this mod of course, which is pretty awesome!)

    If Grezzo was allowed to make a Majora’s Mask/Ocarina of Tine sequel using the same engines. I mean, after remaking the first two games, I don’t deny they could be capable of it. And since it seems Zelda U will be playing slightly different than most 3D Zelda games, it would be nice to have a classic 3D Zelda type experience as well.

  • niklas anders

    Is this game finished? how have i to install it? Can i download the full rom?

    when i try to patch Zelda : Ocarina of time with this patch, it won’t run

  • Linktodaro

    Are they still working on the game?

    • From what I heard, the game is still in progress. But the group who’s working on the game decided to go underground to evade Nintendo’s eyes.

      • Linktodaro