Project Third Quest is a mod of the Ocarina of Time game engine that is set to give players a whole new experience with the fan favorite title.

The project is a combination of efforts, featuring the talents of CDi-Fails, Ideka, Melon Speedruns, SanguinettiMods, and Spire. These modders hope to revamp entire maps within Ocarina of Time to make them almost unrecognizable — but in a good way.

In the reveal trailer below, you can check out how much Lake Hylia has changed, see a magic-resistant tunic in the new Rebonack and Aquamentus boss (based on the Phantom Ganon battle), and get a glimpse of the Earth Labyrinth. The latter is a completely new area, and features everyone’s favorite nightmare: the Dead Hand.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Project Third Quest has recently released a teaser trailer for the game’s first patch. It features some lovely music in one area, and a vibrant theme set against what could be the edges of Castle Town.

The maps in these videos are still under development, so many things may, and will, change before release. Until the first patch is released, you can keep up to date through Project Third Quest’s blog, or by subscribing to them on YouTube. You can also be sure Zelda Universe will be bringing you updates on this promising mod!

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