“Don’t need this, don’t need that.”

How many times have you told yourself the above sentence when playing a game? How many times have you solved this problem by simply not using what you don’t need? It seems to be common sense to do this, but apparently some people are bothered so much by extra features, that they take their complaints to the internet. Now, who reads these complaints? Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai, that’s who. And he doesn’t seem to understand why people complain about things that aren’t part of the main experience.

On his latest Famitsu feature, Sakurai goes on to explain that he is bothered and upset when someone complains about extra features on Fire Emblem: Fates. He explains how he once checked in on reviews about the game, and was surprised to see many complaining about a particular feature of the game: the ability to invite someone over to your house and rub their heads and faces to increase your affinity levels. He saw so many comments saying how this wasn’t needed in the game, that it upset Sakurai, who responded with the cliché “If you don’t like it, then don’t use it” response. What bothers him the most is that this feature is only a side experience, and doesn’t take away from the main-game experience at all.

“Take all of those extra features away, [and] all you would be left with is a bare-bones, niche-market game.”

He goes on to allude this problem with other games, such as Smash Bros., and even real-life situations. He explains that Smash Bros. is “one big ball of bonus features” and without those features, the game would simply be a basic fighting game with four characters and a single stage. “To take an extreme point of view, everything aside from Free-for-All Mode is technically “unnecessary”: all the items, all the Final Smashes, all the stages aside from Final Destination,” Sakurai explains. “But if you were to take all of those extra features away, all you would be left with is a bare-bones, niche-market game.”

When comparing extra features to real-life situations, he used a supermarket as an example. One might like only one type of brand and flavored drink, but it is still nice to see one has options at his disposal. It is the same situation with games, he explains. He finds such games with “jam-packed’ content to have plenty of value.

I think, to some extent, Sakurai is right. People shouldn’t be so bothered by extra features like the one Sakurai mentions, and if you simply don’t like the feature, well then, just don’t use it.

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  • TheMuSTARdofd00m96

    He brings up a good point. Why complain if you aren’t even gonna use it. I enjoy the majority of extra content even if I don’t use it.

  • Yeah but couldn’t time be spent making features the majority would enjoy and want to use; then wasting time and money making stuff people will complain about?

    • Darkshadow667

      Because then your games will all just be like sony and Microsoft’s… just boring and not open to a Wider audience. Having options is a great thing because you can play the games several ways, and you can even play them again using options you didn’t before.heck, even Call of Duty had some. I made a loadout that was all greed perks and some that make me fast, no weapons except combat knife and the one hit kill axe. makes the game funner.

  • Also no one can even read these comments, change the font color.

  • YamadaDesigns

    Imagine if there was a new Mario game, and there just happened to be extra content where you dressed up and bathed Princess Peach, wouldn’t that tarnish the view you had for that family friendly Mario game and take away from the full package of the game rather than add to it. It’s like Sonic games, they add so much random stuff like Pinball games, crazy race stuff, and other things that make the whole experience seem fragmented and unsure of itself.

    • finny nightswim

      Kinda like your comment ^_^

  • Nick S

    Jesus christ, what was your developer thinking with white font on yellow background?

    • idk lol. I went to Disqus to read the comments better.

  • CEObrainz

    But if the bonus content is bad people are going to call you out on that….the tourney mode has quite a few faults in it for starters, you can host events but there is no option for 1v1 battles only or a bracket system. Yes extra content is good and should be treated as such if it’s free, but there is still no excuse for it being bad….

    • finny nightswim


  • Henrique Tavares

    It seems as if he said “if you remove all extra features there’s nothing else to the game except the generic stuff”, and if that interpretation is right, that kinda seems to validate complaints.

    • AdvancePlays

      So then I suppose would you advocate doing that? Taking games back to the 80’s, where the full product really was the bare-bone mechanics of the game? That stuff was great back then, but let me assure you nobody’s investing a thousand hours into Burger Time as is.

      • Henrique Tavares

        I’m afraid you just took a huge jump of conclusion there. I have no idea where this “taking games back to the 80s” came from. I don’t see any parallels, but do enlighten me if I’m missing something here.

        But let me also make my argument. I think, for instance, Assassin’s Creed games did get way too busy adding all kind of collectibles that overcrowd the maps, as it was in Unity. At the same time, they kept making the core formula the very same. The series just became very unappealing and they’re losing momentum. And I don’t think the defence in favor of Smash Bros was very effective. He says you can just not engage with the extra features, which is a fair argument, but he also says the game is not a big deal without the stuff (still, that might be a misinterpretation).

        Hoping that your reply can bring us closer to an agreement.

        • GreenLinkMaster

          my thing about smash bros? I was using SB as an example because most of it is extra features. if it had none, it would be a few characters on a few stages with a few basic moves each. might be fun for alittle while, but it wouldn’t last long… and a lot of fighting games would end up feeling the same without any extra features, no matter how dfferent to core game may be.

          extra features are the spice that adds a more unique and tasty flavor to games. but if you choose the wrong spices, or add them in the wrong way, they can actually end up taking away from the taste and enjoyment of the dish.

          I liked Melee a lot, it was fun. and the extra features were cool for a time. but if brawl had only the same extra features as Melee, I’d have been ALOT less likely to buy it. it would simply be the same game with a few new fighters, stages, and trophies. those new things? nice, but not enough to make it a great new game. all the new extra features that were added in Brawl are what really got me into it and kept me playing for a loooooong time. especially the adventure mode.

          but in the new smash bros, it doesn’t have as meny NEW extra features. it re-uses a lot from brawl, takes some things out, and doesn’t add as meny in. and some of the new features are nice, but not really that fun to me. and of course if there were an adventure mode in this one, they wouldn’t re-use the same adventure I’m sure. if they did, I’m sure meny ppl would be upset about it. it would have to be a new adventure, and it could also be done in a new way.

          what I mean is, adventure mode felt like an amazing new addition to the Smash Bros games, and really made it more than just a fighting game. but with that taken away, it feels as tho it’s gone back to “just” a fighter game.

          yah, smash bros wouldn’t be a very big deal if it didn’t have any extra features. but the key is what extra features they add, and how good those features are. if they don’t add any new features, it’d be the same game again. if the new features aren’t very good, it won’t be a great game.

          I feel like Zelda games are awesome almost simply because they are Zelda games. but why is that? because each game is an adventure! (obviously, I like adventures. but why?) they have great stories, awesome music, interesting characters and enemies, magical places, challenging dungeons and brain teasing puzzles, and plenty to explore and discover. I would consider all those to be “core features” to Zelda games. but even tho those features are in every game, they’re usually something new every time. these games can run on their core features alone. but the extra features are an “icing on the cake”.

          there doesn’t have to be a TON of extra features, tho it’s cool when there are. and tho it can be disappointing if they’re not, the extra features don’t have to be “Amazing”.. if they are terrible, it may feel like a detractor to the game, but the extra features of Zelda games are usually mini games, side quests, and out of the way things to find that are only there to add “a little something extra” to the game. and usually you don’t have to touch them if you don’t want to or might not even know they were there if you weren’t looking for them.

          so for Smash bros, the extra features are what sets it apart from the other fighting games out there, and make up a large portion of the game. so it’s important that there be plenty, that there be enough “new”, and that they be good. otherwise the game won’t feel that good.

          were as with Zelda games, the extra features are nice, but not nearly as important to the overall game. any feature you add to a game should hopefully be Good, but in a game that has enough “Core” features to run on its own, the quality of the “extras” is usually of little consequence.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    they were thinking: “TROLL-LOL-LOL-LOL-LOL LOL-LOL-LOL HO-HO-HO-HO-HOOOOO!” 😛 but seriously, if diques has an option to change your font color, there should be a button or something for it. not just expecting you to know to command. I never know the command >.>
    as for all this extra content stuff…I admit, when a game has a whole ton of extra, complicated, unessesary features, it annoys me. I feel it can get in the way of the rest of the game. a lot of MMOs have 1,001 ways to upgrade your equipment, and each one usually requires anywhere from 3-10 things in addition to the thing you want to upgrade. and they can add all kinds of different crazy obscure stat boosts to your weapons or armor. and you know how meny of them do anything noticeable? not meny… that annoys me. why not just add more higher lvl equipment and drop all the useless upgrade/enhancement/enchantment/regrade/prefixed/ suffixed/bing/bong/wabble/dabble/flim/flam/wingle/dingle/does nothing crap? (and all the extra and obscure stats? stick to str, def, int, dex, prot, luck, and mag def? as a general rule, stick to no more than like, 10 stats. and make sure it’s completely clear what EXACTLY each one does.)

    and I admit, SSB U/3D didn’t actually have much I was into. it had a number of nice things from SSBB, but the thing I liked more than anything from Brawl was the adventure mode. I was disappointed to findout it wouldn’t be in the new one, and without it the new SmashBros did kinda feel like Melee with a few more extras. kinda like it went backwards a bit you know? I still enjoyed this newest one and its new extras for a bit, but not half as long as Brawl. or even Melee.

    so yah, some times I can understand complaining about certain features of a game, and calling them “unessesary extras” not nessesarily meaning that anything technically “extra” (not critical to the “core” experience of the game) is bad. but just that this particular feature really doesn’t add anything positive (possibly takes away from the experience too, sometimes weather you try to avoid it or not) and didn’t need to be in there.
    perhaps referring to such features as “unnecessary extras” is all the problem really is here. tho “Unnecessary” accurately describes plenty of poor features in games, adding “extras” to that just makes it sound like it’s bad simply because it doesn’t NEED to be there. which more often than not is likely not the reason it’s being complained about. but because it sounds like that’s the reason, it makes it sound like that person is saying any “Extra” feature that doesn’t absolutely NEED to be there is bad and shouldn’t be there.

    of course for most people complaining about features, that’s probably not what they’re trying to say. if we just leave out that word “extra” when complaining about whatever feature, this whole mess can be avoided in the future. (even if the feature being complained about technically is an “Extra” in that game.)
    anyways, said my piece. dunna when the text color will get fixed or if anyone will ever read all of this, but that’s my 2 bits. PEACE! 😛

    • S-h

      2 bits o3o”

  • If this white on yellow font is an extra feature, I understand why people would want it removed. I can’t read any of the comments. I’m pretty sure you can’t even read this complaint.

    You’ve probably already figured this out if you can read my comment, but highlight everything to make the text black

  • Blake Wigert

    Black background, lime green text. It works quite well. Anyways, more to the point of the article: If I were a developer like Sakurai, I’d likely go insane trying to please as many people as possible, let’s face it, there’ll always be those people with sticks up their butts, but to see people complain about too many features…Ridiculous! just like this color scheme of background and text. You have to highlight the comments to even read them.

  • David

    The background or font color needs to change

  • I vote for yellow font on white background. Also, Comic Sans MS.

  • John Michaels
  • Joel Butler

    I love how all anyone has to talk about is the background and the text. *shakes head*

    • finny nightswim

      I mean it is a nuisance…

  • finny nightswim

    I’d be upset too. Too much entitlement in the gaming community as a whole.

  • Leon

    It depends on whether the features have an impact on the core game – if having a higher affinity has value in the main game, it might mean that people who like to do things to make their team as good as they can be are forced to partake in an irritating mini-game.

    Mainly, just make the mini games good. Like Final Fantasy 8-10’s. Rubbing faces to increase affinity is neither challenging nore engaging. While stuff like fishing in Zelda is a nice, fun distraction with a decent bit of gameplay involved.

  • Ryan Haney

    So who would be the 4 basic characters be? Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus?