For those of us who own a Wii U, we love it. At the same time, many of us can attest to it being a rather niche console that does not receive the love that it clearly deserves. Nintendo of America’s Scott Moffitt recently sat down with to discuss the Wii U’s merits over the competition, and what Nintendo may have been able to do better earlier on in the game.

“We’ve proven time and time again, we make great games, they get great users [sic] scores as well as critical scores… we are continuing to show the promise of the GamePad and, candidly, early on we probably didn’t showcase the promise of the GamePad as well as we could have,” Moffitt told Examiner. That being said, he was quick to note that developers are becoming “more comfortable” with the GamePad, and thus we have and will continue to see more games utilize its unique abilities.

Moffitt is optimistic that more people will start to reconsider the Wii U now that developers are “leverag[ing] [its] power”. Seeing as that the GamePad is uniquely innovative when compared with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers, the Wii U can offer a completely different and arguably more immersive experience than its competition.

Super Mario Maker is due to release in September, and Star Fox Zero is set for Holiday 2015. With the releases of these highly anticipated titles, Moffitt expects the Wii U to “propel… to new heights”.

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  • finny nightswim

    I can’t wait to get a Wii U

  • CEObrainz

    Sigh….I wish the gamepad was as special as they make it seem.

    In reality it’s nothing but a half-assed attempt (to reduce costs) at creating a controller with a screen. I can count the number of good games with my right hand that use the gamepad in a innovate or at least decent way. Heck even 2 of Nintendo’s biggest IP’s on the system Smash and Mario Kart don’t do much with it.

    If they sold a standalone Gamepad with a 720p Screen, the ability to store 1 or 2 games on it, can work independently from the console and has a decent battery life then I’d say the Gamepad is something that makes the Wii U worth getting.

    As it is right now the only selling point for the Wii U is seeing Nintendo IP’s in HD, but even that isn’t completely true (no Metroid, F-Zero or even Fire Emblem game).

    • JasonBall

      How about you stop being so unnecessarily negative wherever you comment. I too could point out the GamePad is a standard controller with a DS touch screen in the middle, but we shouldn’t try to compare it with things it isn’t. Judge it not by what it could be, but by what it is. What you described as your dream GamePad is nothing but a 3DS.
      One could say sure, not all their games use it. But, really, the cool thing about Nintendo is that they innovate but don’t force innovation where it would actually detract. Brawl didn’t use motion except as optional addition, Mario Kart DS had no touch. These two IPs in particular just can’t benefit from added features just to showcase those features. They innovate where it works.

      • CEObrainz

        Haha, that’s nowhere near true, if you are referring to my last two comments then that’s hardly enough evidence to suggest I only comment negatively on this site or anywhere else.

        You say my dream GamePad is a 3DS, yet that device doesn’t contain a suitable screen (the one thing that prevents me from buying one yet). There’s no doubt that reading text on the gamepad can be unbearable at times, partly due to the resolution of the screen.

        Saying that Smash and Mario Kart don’t need these ‘gimmicks’ is true, however that wasn’t my point. I was saying that the best selling IP’s don’t use any features and the one that do (ZombieU comes to mind) don’t particularly sell well.

        I don’t go around bashing Nintendo endlessly if that’s what you think of me, but as of lately they have been making rather questionable decisions. Nintendo have made many mistakes with their innovations, the Wii U is testament with only 10 million units sold in the 2+ years the console has been out for.

    • Ryan Haney

      I’ve played Hyrule Warriors, Jurassic World, Smash and MK8 more while looking at the GamePad than looking at the tv. I also love the way it works for Wind Waker. The GamePad is my all-time favorite controller.

      • CEObrainz

        I’m not talking about off-TV play, that alone is a great idea which I use when playing Virtual Console titles and sometimes playing Monster Hunter. That being said I’ve gotten more hours out of my Pro-Controller playing Smash, Monster Hunter and pretty much all the games I own that don’t require the GamePad. I feel as if the features in those games aren’t enough to justify GamePad usage.