Tri Force Heroes, the charming Zelda game coming to the Nintendo 3DS, now has a release date. On October 23, Europe and North America will be able to join together and save a kingdom’s princess from a fashion crisis while looking fashionable themselves.

Nintendo of Europe announced the date at the start of Gamescom this week and also released new artwork alongside the news. Nintendo of America confirmed the same date not long after in a separate press release. The newest installment in the Zelda saga may not be the Zelda U news everyone was hoping for, but it will no doubt satisfy Zelda fans with its multiplayer focus and numerous collectible costumes.

You can find the new art below.

Tri Force Heroes totem time enemy Some puzzles and enemies will need to be approached with the new Totem Time.  

Tri Force Heroes fabulous All three heroes are looking fabulous in their various costumes.

Tri Force Heroes enemies world There’s even a sky location in the world our heroes will find themselves in!