Game collecting has quickly become a trend these past few years, with many people striving to be able to showcase their collections in grand style. Well, the people over at Nintendo Quest have proposed a fellow game collector friend to do the same. Their goal? To collect all 678 NES titles released over the span of 30 days, and without using the internet.


Jay Bartlett is the one in charge of this task, and he drives all over Canada and the United States, supported by a Kickstarter, in order to find these retro game titles. Nintendo Quest director Rob McCallum has made this entire trip into a documentary, which has garnered much interest and has been featured on major television networks such as CBS, NBC, CTV, and more. Here’s a trailer explaining how this epic event started and how it works.

The documentary will be screening in several places across the United States. If you are interested in seeing this, here are the dates and locations.

  • July 25 – Cambridge, UK @ UK Center for Computing History
  • July 25-26 – Austin, TX @ Classic Game Fest
  • July 27 – Houston, TX @ Alamo Drafthouse
  • August 8 – Columbus, OH w/ Warp Zone
  • August 22 – DuBois, PA w/ The Video-game Exchange
  • September 25 – London, ON, Canada @ Hyland Cinema w/ Game Cycle
  • September 26-27 – London, ON, Canada @ London Comic-con
  • October 7 – Edmonton, AB, Canada @THE GARNEAU THEATRE w/ VGMAPS.COM
  • October 17-18 Portland, OR w/ PORTLAND RETRO GAME EXPO

Jay Bartlett has also made a list of what he considers the top 20 rarest NES games, and checks them off as he finds them, but even if he manages to find those 20 titles, he still has 658 more games to worry about.

top 20 rare nes games

This challenge seems fun, not only because you get to see these people drive all over the country looking for games, but because you also get to learn some Nintendo history along the way. This is something that all gamers in general, not just Nintendo fans, should keep an eye out for because something like this has never really been done. The amount of dedication being shown towards collecting is definitely something to admire and to respect, by gamers and collectors alike.

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