Hey readers! I hope you’ve been enjoying the E3 coverage so far. While this here home page has been a storm of thrilling news this week, I’d like to divert your attention to our forums, where we have something else exciting going on: the Summer 2015 Zelda Awards.

Our forums are amazing and bursting with creativity, interesting theories, funny discussions and most of all, an unrivalled passion for our favourite franchise. You guys all make Zelda Universe a pleasant and wonderful place to be, and we want to give you some recognition of that — with your help. Head over to this thread to see a list of award nominations, recognising our best recent discussions on the boards, most creative theorists, our most hard-working moderators and of course, our most passionate Zelda fans.

Even if you’re not a regular forum-goer, you can still help us out and have your say. There are also nominations for us reporters (wink wink!), so if you’re a frequent reader of our news articles, perhaps you could give our hard-working news team a pat on the back. They work hard to write the most professional, detailed, accurate news possible, and go out of their way to bring us some fantastic exclusives.

Thank you all for your support in making Zelda Universe the greatest fan site ever, and have fun voting. Good luck to all of you active forum users!