In an interview with IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime reassured fans that Zelda Wii U is still a 2016 title, and will be coming to the Wii U.

“I know that there is that thinking floating around,” Reggie said when asked about the doubt surrounding the delayed title. Legend of Zelda fans have taken to social media and forums to talk of their dismay over the delay, and their fears that the game won’t release until the NX system is launched. When asked if both the lack of news and the delay would send the message that Zelda Wii U is not a 2016 title, Reggie reiterated Shigeru Miyamoto’s words that the game is indeed a 2016 title for the Wii U.

“When we showed it last year, we believed it was a 2015 game”

“When we showed it last year, we believed it was a 2015 game,” Reggie said in the interview. He went on to explain that Nintendo thinks on the near-term in regards to E3. This was on show during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event, where they focused on 2015 and early 2016 games for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Reggie admitted showing Zelda Wii U footage during the Digital Event would have “scored a lot of points” for Nintendo, but the game company decided it might only foster more frustration over the title than alleviate it.

However, Reggie’s explanation behind Zelda Wii U’s no-show at E3 is not being taken well by fans who are indeed frustrated by the six-month drought of news. They are pointing to games shown at the previous two or three E3 shows — such as Xenoblade Chronicles X — that have only released in the past half-year. This appears to come across as a hypocritical example of Nintendo’s “near-term” mentality. Unfortunately, while Nintendo is listening to fan feedback, in the end they are wholly in charge of when information is released about specific titles. Fans can only wait for the next Nintendo Direct that may shine a light on Zelda Wii U.