A new Legend of Zelda game is coming, and while it’s not the Wii U title fans are waiting for, it looks like it will more than help fill the gap until more Zelda Wii U information is revealed.

“When one hero isn’t enough, stand together and triumph.” This is the theme behind the newly announced 3DS game The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. Showcased during the Nintendo Digital Event, this new Legend of Zelda installment takes inspiration from both A Link Between Worlds and the Four Swords games.

Unlike previous multiplayer Zelda games, co-operative play is encouraged between friends via local and online multiplayer; however there is single-player support with “dolls” taking the place of live players. Three Links — Green, Red, and Blue — work together to take on the puzzles and dangers of various dungeons. One signature move brings two or three Links together as a totem to reach high switches and places, or to go up against such bosses as Margoma, a monster similar to A Link Between Worlds’s Margomill, and a giant Buzz Blob-like boss.

Tri Force Heroes

Tri Force Heroes’s Links will be doing this all in style, for an outfit mechanic is introduced in the reveal trailer. Each costume grants a specific power, such as boosting up spin attacks, or helping Link to avoid damage. Even Zelda’s dress has been revealed as a choice. And to better keep tabs on the frantic action of three costumed Link’s running around, helpful messages scroll across the screen whenever a player encounters something good — or bad.

Tri Force Heroes

In the reveal trailer below, you can see all of the kinetic action of Tri Force Heroes. The game is set to launch during Fall 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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