Learning that only the XL model of the New Nintendo 3DS would be coming to North America was a blow to fans hoping for the chance to switch out the handheld’s faceplates at whim. Clip Armor can help ease that hurt while giving your plain New 3DS XL some much-needed pizzazz. And now Legend of Zelda fans have a new style to look forward to.

PDP, a manufacturer of various gaming accessories, will be releasing a new Legend of Zelda design for their clip armor series on June 14. The design features a warm hunter green background against while a stylized Triforce crest is laid out in gold, bordered by the familiar Goddess’s Harp and Ocarina of Time.

PDP 3DS Zelda case package

PDP 3DS Zelda case 2

Best Buy is currently offering pre-orders for this clip armor for a reasonable $12.99. Pick one up, and game on with both style and a little more protection for your New 3DS XL!

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