Koji Kondo is the father of the music we love so dearly in the Zelda franchise and is one of the modern pioneers in video game music. It is no surprise that the UK organization Classic FM has honored Kondo and placed him in their hall of fame, placing him 84th out of 300 total inductees. Although Kondo has not scored a Zelda game on his own since Ocarina of Time, the themes and motifs he developed still live on and will for years to come. He now takes on more of an advisory role in the series, overseeing the new composers who are brought in to write music for Zelda.

Kondo is a visionary in every sense of the word, and if not for his contributions to not only Zelda but video game music in general, the landscape of gaming could be drastically different.

What is your favorite theme/motif that Kondo has written for the Zelda series?