On Tuesday, Nintendo and DeNA surprised many of us by announcing that they will be working together to produce mobile game apps using Nintendo’s Intellectual Property (IP). DeNA has produced some of the most popular game apps such as the Rolando franchise and Tiny Tower. Nintendo, as we know, is a gaming giant and owns the IP for some of the world’s most beloved video game characters.

“In order to create completely new game experiences for smart devices, all Nintendo IP will be eligible for development and exploration by the alliance,” Nintendo said. A capital alliance was agreed upon by the two gaming giants whereby Nintendo will receive ten percent of DeNA’s treasury shares and DeNA will receive 1.24 percent of Nintendo’s. This alliance speaks to the long-term relationship between the companies.

This opens up a world of possibilities for potential iOS, Android, and Windows Phone (yeah, I didn’t forget about you) users. Interestingly, it has been stated that there will be no ports of pre-existing Nintendo games but there will only be new and original content developed for mobile devices. This will “ensure the quality of the gaming experience” and allow Nintendo to continue developing for the 3DS, Wii U, and future consoles.

Nintendo and DeNA have also discussed that they are planning on developing an online membership that would be accessible from mobile devices, PCs, and game consoles. DeNA will shine in this development with their extensive experience with online membership services and capabilities. This service is due to be launched in Fall 2015.

In the end, this announcement is both exhilarating and intriguing. Many of us may be left wondering what this partnership really means for the future of Nintendo gaming. If we can conclude anything, it will be that there are many exciting things in store for Nintendo fans in the near future.

You can watch the announcement of this historic partnership in the presentation below.