Sunday’s Zelda News covered some of the latest stories of our favorite series, such as some Zelda-themed Monster Hunter DLC, a live-action Zelda trailer from The Zelda Project, and Aonuma’s views on puzzles in Zelda. While Monster Hunter is a storied franchise, the pieces of news that piqued my interest were the live-action trailer by The Zelda Project and Aonuma’s take on puzzles in the Zelda series. Puzzles have always played an integral part of the games, and Aonuma loves puzzles that change the player’s perspective, like those to be found in A Link Between Worlds. How will this translate over to Zelda U? Who knows, but find out more of Aonuma’s thoughts and the rest in this week’s Zelda News!

Oh, and did you watch The Zelda Project’s live-action trailer? It makes me hope the Netflix rumor is true!

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