Update: According to Nintendo Life, the 1.1 update for Majora’s Mask 3D addresses a glitch involving the Honey and Darling minigame, as well as adding additional overall stability to the game.

An update for Majora’s Mask 3D is apparently in the works, as players in Europe are being prompted for an update but are unable to download it. It was confirmed that this update is legitimate by way of this snapshot taken from the 3DS eShop.

Do you think that there will be anything significant in this update for Majora’s Mask 3D, or anything that desperately needs fixing?

  • Robert Haight

    The damn zora link fast swiming thats probably my only complaint

    • johnnyousless

      This sucks really bad. Is there really no way to speed swim without depleting my magic beforehand? Was this in the 64 version as well?

      • Klaiborne

        Absolutely not. You could swim fast just by pushing the swim button. You could also use the shield, but only if you wanted to. You didn’t need to turn it on in order to go fast.

        • I think the purpose of that was to make swimming easier in small spaces, like the Great Bay Temple. It was so easy to smash into walls. Still, I miss just swimming around in the ocean.

          • It also makes Zora Link a bit more on par with Goron Link, who also needs magic to move quickly, which is why they probably felt the change was ok.

          • Arcelos

            I hadn’t thought about that, but it’s also much easier to get more magic rolling than it is swimming, as there are generally pots, bushes, enemies around when you’re rolling, but not so much underwater

  • MinishDude

    I dunno what they’d change…. I’ve pretty much 100% completed the game (just need the last Piece of Heart from saving up 5000 rupees), and I haven’t encountered any game-breaking glitches or anything.

    Maybe they might have some additional content or something?

  • Angry Racist Jewish Hambone

    Better let us use FD mask anywhere.

    • Hikaru

      Funny thing is they let you use it in the fishing hole, incase you didnt know that its so funny . But being able to use FD anywhere would be awsome.

    • Joshua Jacob

      I hope they didn’t get rid of the glitch that already let you do that.

  • CEObrainz

    Maybe there is a bug they want to fix? Or [perhaps they are uprising fans with some new content? Whatever the case it’s good to see Nintendo paying attention to games after release.

  • johnnyousless

    I encountered one. I played music for the Guay circling Clock Town like a Gossip Stone tipped me to. It started dropping green rupees. I followed him and collected. After a while it dropped a red rupee as a finale which I collected and then looked up in the sky. It was flying away really high. I felt really bad for doing this since we had just made a connection, but I decided to pull out an bow an arrow and I somehow nailed it from really far away. I wanted to watch it’s body fall. But it wouldn’t. I could see the glowing red dead body in the air but it simply wasn’t falling, I made sure by standing and watching for a good minute. Then I ran towards the area to get a closer look and as soon as I started to look up, the game froze on me. I tried mashing buttons but it was frozen solid. Then the 3DS automatically took me to the home screen and it said “There has been an error, any unsaved data will be lost” or something along those lines”. I was lucky I had saved a little before that but it was mad creepy. It was like karma for doing such an evil thing. I was even laughing about it at the time since it was so innocent (since I killed pixels) but so malicious. And no not trolling in the slightest, feel free to try and replicate it.

  • Thorbre

    The game hangs if you try to deposit 0 rupees, as a joke. C’mon, who hasn’t done that? Granted, you need to actually have rupees to get to the deposit screen, but still..

    • What region do you have? Mine hasn’t had that issue, and I have the NTSC-U version.

  • Merylas

    Hopefully they’ll fix the Goron and Zora masks so that they don’t drain your magic bar in ten seconds if you want to move at a reasonable speed. Those changes make it difficult for me to want to finish the 3DS Version of this game rather than setting my Gamecube up to play the GCN Version.

    • The Lexiconical

      Goron mask was always like that. Don’t forget about good old Chateu Romani!

  • It’s a shame I can’t download it since I’d have to update, which would mean no homebrew 🙁