Ever since the year 2000 Majora’s Mask has filled the hearts and minds of Zelda fans, developing a cult-like following that few games have ever had. This brand new trailer celebrates every aspect of the classic title, from the dark and foreboding story to the characters, the enemies, and even the masks that Link must use in order to complete his quest in saving the land of Termina.

Introducing Majora’s Mask to a brand new generation of gamers, who wouldn’t want to experience this timeless adventure after seeing what it has to offer?

  • Gordon Sorensen

    This HAS to be the best commercial I could have envisioned for this game, hands down. It shows the main points of the gameplay, coupled with some previews of some the action and plot. Seeing normal trailers for games on my hype list normally don’t do much for me, but I was shaking with excitement while watching this one.

  • Thomas Andersen

    Amazing! I wish they created Zelda today, the way they did back then! Real emotions! Real challange! And a real Adventure!

    Let us spend time with the NPCs, let us experience their fears and inner emotions, not the shallow interaction we had with the avrage NPC in Skyward Sword(Zelda was great in SS though)

    Let us face enemies and bosses that give us real resistance! Enemies and bosses that makes us fear for our lives, and work hard to develope as a player! To recognize the glory of winning, we need to experience the bitterness of defeat!

    And finally, remove all the hand holding structurs like the Sheikah Stones and Characters like Fi that tells us where to go, what to do and how to do it!!!

    Fulfull these 3 simple requests, and a new Zelda, that we will talk about for years to come, can once again be born!!:)

  • Soeroah

    What was that music at the very end, while showing the new systems?

    • Gabriëlle van Dam

      That is Twinrova’s theme 😀


    • jAquaD

      When they’re arguing in Mayor Dotour’s office. It’s not Twinrova’s theme, btw.