While reflecting on the original Majora’s Mask and its short development period, Eiji Aonuma was unsure whether or not the game would be accepted by Zelda fans. Aonuma spoke with the magazine GameMaster, sharing these doubts and concerns, as well as talking about what he believes pushes true gameplay innovation.

Aonuma and his team were told that they had to start on the next Zelda title as soon as Ocarina of Time was finished and that they only had a year to develop the title. Feeling as if they couldn’t just re-hash Ocarina of Time, Aonuma thought it was necessary to come up with a unique and innovative gameplay mechanic that would make the new title not only fresh, but fun. Reflecting on his time developing Majora’s Mask, said that he feels that true gameplay innovation comes when you have to work under “some kind of enormous pressure.”

Though many fans now view Majora’s Mask as one of the most innovative titles in the Zelda franchise, Aonuma was concerned about fan reaction when the game was initially released because of how unique it was, not only compared to Zelda games but other games in general. He believes that Majora’s Mask’s everlasting uniqueness, and the fact that no one has made a game like it since its release, has allowed it to leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of fans.

Love it or hate it, Majora’s Mask is an incredibly unique and innovative game and is more than deserving of a 3DS makeover. Hindsight is everything, and I’m sure even Mr. Aonuma couldn’t predict that it would become as big of a hit as it has within the Zelda fandom. Suffice to say, the game was definitely accepted by fans.

  • CEObrainz

    I’m glad that Majora’s Mask was made the way we got it as it really gave us a unique experience that the other games, whilst still being good, haven’t really been able to emulate. I still want a sequel though, something to “tie up” the Young Link trilogy that perhaps explains the transition from wandering swordman(kid?) to Hero Shade.

    • Anthony Moseley

      As long as we wouldn’t have to listen to those tired “Link died in Majora’s Mask” theories anymore, I’d be totally for it. Getting so sick of constantly telling them that they’re wrong, lol.

  • Thomas Andersen

    I love Majora’s Mask! The last amazing console Zelda is Majora’s Mask! After that, Zelda stopped growing with us.. and began the slow move towards the enourmous focus on hand holding we see today! Aonuma! Wake up! There is a reason this game, and the ones before was so amazing and popular! We felt we where on an adventure!

    Skyward Sword’s Enourmous Focus on Hand Holding was aweful to experience! I hope you dont need to tells us everything we need to do, where to go etc in the new Zelda for Wii U!

    Let us struggle, let us grow! Let us Die! We need resistance to be able to fully experience the game and to reach the greatest emotions! Without resistance, a true and real challange, the game will fall short.. no matter how open, huge and amazing the world is! Its how you let us explore this world that will decide if this Zelda is the one we will talk about in the years to come!

    This is the chance to cater towards both new and old players! Normal and Hard Mode from the get-go! Its about time! And in the Hard Mode, please remove the hint stones and other cheatfull in-game guides! Up the challange on the bosses, and enemies and reduce the potions %! Let us experience Zelda the way it should be experienced!

    Let us, once again, get the challange we truly deserve!

    • Fat98

      Dude you do know that you don’t have to end all of sentences with an exclamation point. By the way, Alundra was much better than Majora’s Mask.

      • Thomas Andersen

        Yes, its a bad habit of mine! I will keep it in mind. Alundra?

        • Fat98

          An old PS1 game. It’s a blend of the gameplay of A Link to the Past with some of the dark themes of Majora’s Mask.

  • Ben Steigerwalt

    I liked the new and different ways that this game created something new without taking away that Zelda charm that we grow up with. I would love to know what happened to like from the child time line. The whole thing just seems to leave a big gap for me.

    I am hoping that Zelda U will be the Zelda that I have been hopping for. A game that gets much closer to the original roots of the first game and still having what we love about the 3d Zelda’s.

    I went to see bosses that have more than one way of killing them and when you do something to them there patterns change with each new attack. A truly interactive battle that evolves with each strategy the player comes up with. Not the rinse and repeat bosses battles of the previous Zelda’s.

    Yes, I still think that some of the bosses should have a pacific item to make a boss battle easier on the player with out the player knowing what the item is. As long as Nintendo keeps making games for the new gamer in mind I don’t see this happening.

  • occultfan

    This is the best console Zelda, the best handheld is Link’s Awakening. Watershed moments in the series, both of them.