Back before Hyrule Warriors was released last year, fans enjoyed speculating about the characters that might make an appearance in the game. One character that came up in many a discussion was Tingle. After all, the game was developed by a Japanese company, Koei Tecmo, and Tingle is very popular in Japan where he even has a series of spin-off games. As it turned out, Koei Tecmo not only considered including him, but really wanted to have him in the game. The reason why he didn’t make it onto the character roster is because Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma said no.

During an interview, Koei Tecmo producer Yosuke Hayashi mentioned, “Tingle was a character we kind of considered and sort of went back and forth on. We really wanted to include him but Mr. Aonuma suggested that it might be good to include some other character.”

“We really wanted to include him but Mr. Aonuma suggested that it might be good to include some other character”

So there you have it. We don’t know exactly why Aonuma thought that some other characters may be better to have than Tingle. It might be because he’s not exactly the warrior type, or perhaps it’s due to him being less popular in the West than in Japan. Were you disappointed that Tingle wasn’t in Hyrule Warriors, or glad that you didn’t have to see him?

  • SnorlaxMonster

    Is that Aonuma would always just suggest “some other character” non-specifically, or whenever Tingle was suggested he’d suggest another character instead?

  • Harold R. Björkman

    So that means Tingle is not going to be one of the characters in the Majora’s Mask DLC pack.

    • Max Nichols

      OR… that the reason Auonuma vetoed him as part of the main cast was specifically to save him for that.

      • Harold R. Björkman

        I really hope that isn’t true. I just.. There are many other MM characters that’d work much better imo.

        • Deva Ashera

          I’m curious who you think there are for Majora’s Mask.
          I can only think of Skull Kid, Fierce Deity Link (more likely a costume), Young Link w/ Masks as weapons along with clone moveset for 5th weapon, and Happy Mask Salesman (seems unlikely).
          Although I suppose they could include a random character like they did with Agitha and include Cremia, Romani, or Anju..

          • Harold R. Björkman

            I was thinking Skull Kid, Majora, possibly Odolwa, Happy Mask Salesman and the others you’ve mentioned, but all of those are still more suitable than Tingle imo. Although they did manage to make Agitha a fully functional playable character so I guess any character could work theoretically. The Carpenters or even the couple in the minigame shop, possibly even Sakon.

          • Deva Ashera

            I’d be personally against Odolwa, since he lacks any real personality and I can only really see Majora itself as part of the Skull Kid’s moveset (like Special Moves). Tingle could fight in his own series so, IMO, he’d fit more then Agitha even (though I still don’t like him).
            I’d personally rather stay away from any characters that lacked too much personality or fan demand.

          • Harold R. Björkman

            Hmm, I can definitely see what you mean. I’d rather have just Majora as a character than skullkid because skullkid would probably just use Majora forms as special attacks whereas a Majora character in itself could have all the sorts of crazy stuff it had in the final boss fight.

            All in all, i’m looking forward to the DLC pack and I trust Tecmo Koei to do good stuff regardless of what characters they put in so it doesn’t really matter to me who gets in as long as they’re fun to play.

  • Michael Marshall


  • CEObrainz

    I’m glad there is no Tingle (assuming he was replaced by another character) but I’m still curious as to what his moveset would have been….

  • Khao Mortadios

    I’m having a hard time understanding the logic behind this when they ended up adding freaking Agitha to the game.

    • CEObrainz

      Didn’t they intend on having at least 1 joke character? I guess Aonuma doesn’t like Tingle any more or perhaps he has seen how some fans view him outside of Japan (basically like Slippy).

      • MinishDude

        OR they can cash in on him being in the Majora’s Mask DLC pack (he is possibly the second character – and this interview was from September, so I’m not sure if they were working on the Majora’s Mask DLC back then?)

        • CEObrainz

          I’d hope they don’t do that, would love to see Skull Kid instead (as most would say).

          • Jellal

            The MM pack will have two characters.

          • CEObrainz

            That’s somewhat reassuring, perhaps we may see Young Link too (highly doubt it though…)

          • MinishDude

            Well, I was thinking Skull Kid and Tingle. We’re getting two characters, and Skull Kid is practically a given due to his popularity.

      • Andrew DeCaire

        I though Agitha WAS the joke character…

        • CEObrainz

          That’s what I meant, Agitha was a better joke character (that no one saw coming) rather than Tingle.

    • Deva Ashera

      Its most likely because Agitha would be better received worldwide then Tingle would in the West, so they opted for her instead..this could be why she’s the only character to appear that didn’t have a big role in her game of origin along with why Twilight Princess ended up as the only game of the three to have Three Representatives instead of just Two (since Sheik counted as Original since she was a new Hyrule Warriors version rather then the Ocarina of Time incarnation.

      • Vladislak

        Agitha also probably had to do with Koei Tecmo’s general preferences. They’ve always had a tendency to throw unlikely young girls into their warriors titles.

        The Qiao sisters of Dynasty Warriors come to mind (two young girls who typically fight with paper fans). As does Oichi from Samurai Warriors (who generally fights with a kendama; a japanese toy similar to a ball-and-cup game)

    • JaidynReiman

      Honestly, I’d bet that they replaced Tingle with Agitha. The primary reason I see with Tingle is that he’s very divisive of a character. Meanwhile, Agitha is… a character people don’t really pay attention to. She’s not widely hated, she’s not widely loved, she’s just… there.

      Tingle is widely hated outside of Japan, and widely loved inside Japan. Overall, he’s a more controversial character. Agitha is also controversial, but not as much as Tingle.

  • Quiteblank

    It’s too bad Tingle wasn’t in the game.. I really don’t like Agitha and he could have used a very similar moveset (think of replacing bugs with balloons, sparkles, etc). Then again, I don’t really like playing as Agitha either.. her moveset isn’t great and her constant giggling causes insanity.

  • Adam

    I think it’s because after Aonuma discovered Tingle was not a very popular character in the west he seemed to become a bit embarrassed of him. Hyrule Warriors is clearly a very western-appeal focused game (anime-esque stuff aside) and perhaps he was worried that Tingle would hurt the games chances even more than they may already have been. After all, this was a new thing for Zelda to do and with such an off the wall direction he probably wanted to avoid injecting any more crazy than it already had.

  • Anibal

    You know, it doesn’t matter if they put him in or not. People will complain either way.

    (no Tingle): Y no Tingle?? We want Tingle!

    (yes Tingle): Tingle sux! Take him out!

    • Andrew DeCaire

      This is the response to ANY franchise no matter what.

      Whether it be Videogames, Doctor Who, or really any controversial character in cartoons. Like Scrappy Doo. (Yes he does have his fans, no matter how hated a character, they will always have a fanbase even if a relatively small one)

  • Marina Turner

    It would have been awesome to incorporate him in some way. Maybe, not necessarily as a character but maybe as the one talking to you during a mission. It would be hard to incorporate him as a character since all he really does is help us out. Such as in Wind Waker deciphering charts or on Majora’s Mask selling you a map, he is a map guy and he may not have come out as a character you would want to play.

    • Andrew DeCaire

      People hate him because

      -He is a creepy manchild who seems almost pedophilic in his mannerisms.
      -Forces his siblings into slave labour
      -Is just annoying in general.

      It has nothing to do with him being useless because he just sells maps.

      • Duster

        I never really understood the “pedophile” connotation that Tingle has. I mean, being a weird man-child is part of his character, I get that. And he was a jerk to pretty much everyone in The Wind Waker.

        But is it strange that I honestly found him to be a fairly charming character in Majora’s Mask? He was just some silly guy who made maps. He sort of fit in with the world of Termina, to be honest.

  • Ryan Miguel D. Rivera

    MAYBE Because Tingle is supposed to appear as the DLC character for the Majora’s Mask pack?

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  • Trinosaur


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  • Shane

    Now they added him with dlc…

  • The Festive Fool

    And then look what happened.

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