The pre-order downloadable content for Hyrule Warriors, which consisted of three sets of costume skins from Skyward SwordOcarina of Time, and Twilight Princess are now available for purchase in Europe, in addition to the Demon King pack (Ganondorf). These costumes were previously only available to fans who pre-ordered the game at specific retailers (or by registering your game with Club Nintendo for Ganondorf), but they are now available for all to enjoy! Each costume pack costs €0.99 and is another example of something that could make for a great, inexpensive holiday gift for Zelda fans!

zelda dlc

Ganondor DLC

There is no set date on when this will come to the North American eShop, but it seems to be just a matter of time, as the costume packs are now available in Japan and Europe.

  • Deva Ashera

    Watch them be released on Christmas to capitalize on all that Christmas money…and because Thursday is the usual release day for Nintendo stuff..
    Regardless, hopefully it’ll be soon, I’d like to complete my Hyrule Warriors Costume Collection, so I only need the Twilight Princess pack since I got Skyward Sword with my pre-order from Best Buy and a friend gave me their code for the Ocarina of Time Pack..then I got the Season Pass for MQ and TP packs (and all future packs) and of course I registered my game for the Ganon Pack.

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