While those of you in the southern hemisphere will soon be saying hello to summer (lucky!), many of us are just getting our first taste of cold weather for the season. It’s hard to stay warm during those initial cold days — I find myself drinking cup after cup hot tea and I’m still freezing, but maybe a nice hot bowl of soup from The Lumpy Pumpkin would do the trick. So for this week’s Music Monday, I went with a violin cover of The Lumpy Pumpkin theme from Skyward Sword, performed by Jtehanonymous. I feel warmer already!

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  • Danielle Crowder

    Would have been awesome if someone did vocals along with this

  • Ryan Haney

    Doesn’t that song sound like it could fit in at Kakariko Village?

  • John

    I think mostly for Lon Lon Ranch

  • Captain_Snake