As someone who “mained” Princess Zelda in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I was very intrigued when it was announced that Sheik and Zelda would now be separate characters in the newest iterations of the Smash franchise. I thought it was a fantastic creative decision, because now it would free up a slot for an extra move and enhance the characters from a game design perspective. As it turns out, this was not a creative decision at all, but a technical necessity.

“I believe that they have become more fresh now”

In the newest issue of Famitsu magazine, Smash director Masahiro Sakurai admitted that the change was due to the limitations of the 3DS. “It’s basically due to the 3DS’ limitations”, said Sakurai. “It was impossible to have both characters exist together [as one] on 3DS.”

While this wasn’t a creative decision, Sakurai did admit that it opened up new creative avenues for the characters. “However, reaching that limit can sometimes lead in good directions. Transforming characters had the drawback of ambiguous tactics and such, and I believe that they have become more fresh now.”

This definitely adds something fresh and new to one of the oldest and most beloved characters in the Smash franchise. Do you like the fact that Princess Zelda and Sheik are now separate entities in the newest Smash titles? Let us know what you think!

  • Tameem Andrew Habib

    i still think it’s weird that zelda and sheik are separate 😛 i like sheik’s moves and all, so maybe if it was impa with a sheik skin, it could make more sense, but as is, zelda is still on two slots, technically :/

    • linksage

      Think of it this way: Zelda is TP Zelda, while ‘Sheik’ is OoT Zelda. It has never been a problem that Link ‘technically’ took up two slots (young Link/Toon Link and the most recent adult version) so I don’t see why people think it would be out of place for Zelda to have two slots as well.

      • True Hylian Hero

        Because of the Sheik-is-not-Zelda “fandom”, that’s why.

        • Ryan Haynes

          I thought that fandom died years ago.

          • True Hylian Hero

            Trust me, they’re still around tainting the character.

          • Jeanpaul Robidoux

            But Sheik is Zelda is cannon. And even HW confirmed it.

          • True Hylian Hero

            Not that it stops the canon defilers to spread their garbage for refusing to accept the truth.

      • Priority

        It’s funny that you mention that, actually, because Sheik’s Brawl appearance was not based on OoT Sheik, but on unused TP concept art. 😛

    • Rust

      This is the equivalent of being confused about Mario and Baby Mario being separate characters in Mario Kart.

      It’s a fighting game. Don’t take this detail so seriously.

  • True Hylian Hero

    It’s official: Totally focusing on Hyrule Warriors now. Call me when the next Smash Bros. brings the move back.

    • Damn bro you’re gonna miss out big but okay xD

    • Josh Baker

      Have fun waiting for over half a decade.

      • True Hylian Hero

        Or at least until the modding community does something about it.

    • Blunter Fees

      Loooooool. At least we’ll always have melee my friend.

      • True Hylian Hero

        Project M, dude!

  • L0wC

    How do the 3DS’s limitations prevent a character from transforming?

    • Justin Graham

      The memory and CPU in the 3DS can only process so much data at once. The game is so resource intensive on the 3DS that it would be too much of a load on it to swap between character models and their move data during battle. It’s the same reason why in Mortal Kombat on the PS3/360 Shang Tsung can’t transform into more than a couple of characters during a match. The character data required for transitions is too much to process..

  • Zeller

    Sometimes technical limitations made for a better game during the 80s-90s video game era, glad that still holds up in some way during these modern times

    • Morgan

      I was actually just thinking about that today before seeing this story. I was wondering if this new “next-gen” era was actually hindering game development and design with the push for better graphics and less emphasis on solid gameplay. This is an example of where the limitations actually did the game a favor, in my opinion at least.

    • True Hylian Hero

      Now that you speak about it, it reminds me of what Sunsoft was able to do with the NES’s sound chip.

    • Blunter Fees

      Well see on Friday, wont we m8?

  • Max Nichols

    Yeah. they got rid of all dual-form characters, and the ice Climbers, too, all for technical reasons.

    Likely RAM limitations.

  • Blunter Fees

    Are you guys really that excited about a character that used to take up one slot now taking up two? Its what I refer to as, a wasted slot where an actually new character could have been implemented. Wolf Link with Midna anybody?

    • True Hylian Hero

      Or OoT Impa,

    • Rust

      Zelda and Sheik are not taking up any more room than they previously were just because they have two squares displayed on the character menu. They can just make more squares if they decide to develop another character.

      From a development perspective, neither Zelda nor Sheik took up the substantial amount of time or work that would have been poured into a new character like Wolf Link (which I also think is a great idea – or Masks Link – or Toon Link or Ganondorf with more unique movesets).

      The data for the characters was already there; they both largely already had their own developed movesets. So there is no way they got in the way of the addition of new characters.

  • Ryan Haney

    I like that Zelda and Sheik are separate and Samus and ZSS, too.

  • Alex Havriluk

    It also explains why Charizard is alone.

  • Davad

    I never understood why people don’t like this change. I heard it argued
    because they are the same person it is wrong even though the game
    doesn’t have a story. I think that the same person problem is silly,
    especially with Mario Kart having triples of Mario and Peach and
    quadruple of them with the dlc. Fighting games do this all the time.
    Patroklos and Pyrrha had alternate versions in Soulcalibur 5.

    • True Hylian Hero

      It may have worked with other characters, but Zelda/Sheik is a very special case, because one, her transformation still has its fans; and second, because Zelda and Sheik being the same person is still serious business, and the transformation made that fact very clear. Unfortunately, the separation is seeming to encourage the wrong type of fans (if you saw their cringeworthy fanwork before and after this game). At least the other characters’ names made clear that they’re variations of the same respective person.

  • Maxwell James Zuniga

    so now we get a new down B attack for both characters.. good

  • Deva Ashera

    I love that their separate now. When it came to Zelda/Sheik, Samus/Zerosuit Samus, and Pokémon Trainer, I would only play as Zelda, ZS Samus, and Charizard..which also had the drawback of having to avoid the Smash Ball to stay as ZS Samus, having 1 less attack for Zelda & Charizard, and the Pokémon stamina thing for Pokémon Trainer.

  • LittleCraneZelda

    I personally think this was a bad idea, my main has ALWAYS been Zelda AND shiek, but now I have to adjust to just Zelda. If you’re wondering why am I saying this is because. : 1) I agree this change has encouraged those who think Zelda and Shiek are totally different people. I mean come on. It has been confirmed that they’re cannon, as ONE person. Hyrule Warriors is a proof of that. 2) I just think it’s wrong… its like saying imp Midna and her real form are two different people because they dont look the same. It also happens with Samus, it…bothers me.

    But due to software limitations….I guess it’s acceptable… although it still upsets me a bit…

  • Nathan Maddox

    To everyone complaining: Have you even played the game yet? Not Melee, Not Brawl, THIS game? It’s only been out for about 2 days now

    If the answers NO, don’t judge until you try it.

    ALSO, it’s very immature to just say “OH DIS GAME SUX” just because it’s not a port of Melee, doesn’t play JUST like melee, doesn’t have every feature and character from Melee….

    They play JUST fine, and honestly, I love Zelda’s new Down-Special, it really gives her something different she’s never had.

  • Tired of down B

    Thank you Jesus! No more transforming characters!

  • Izzy

    i thought they had them seperate so that it wouldnt spoil ocarina of time for anyone,,,