Following Hyrule Warriors supervisor Eiji Aonuma’s recent Miiverse post to the US announcing the addition of Epona in the upcoming “Master Quest Pack” DLC, the Zelda producer has now addressed Europe and Oceania with the news. While his new post contains mostly the same information, he does kindly provide a new screenshot and a small update of information on the release.

He promises that “more details” will arrive “on the Hyrule Warriors website”, so we’ll want to be keeping our eyes peeled there. We heard last time that the the DLC will launch in the US on October 16, and now Aonuma has confirmed an international release “in Europe, America and Japan simultaneously!”

The screenshot above shows Link performing a spin attack while on horseback, while the previous post showed Epona thrusting a back leg kick at a horde of enemies. Looks like Aonuma’s description of Epona as a “weapon” is certainly justified.