Koei Tecmo has given us our first glimpse of two new playable characters for the new (and upcoming!) Hyrule Warriors at the Tokyo Game Show. They showed the villains Wizzro and Volga in playable form for the first time, They are part of a DLC pack that is free for all who own the game and will act as a precursor for the paid DLC set which will begin its release October 16. This footage coincidentally follows the Dark Link footage that has recently been released, which is a costume that is a pre-order bonus for the paid DLC set. Wizzro and Volga are two of three villains which are part of the free DLC pack that is going to be a part of an upcoming update for the game. They join the villain Cia as well for more Hyrule Warriors goodness in the game’s first piece of downloadable content!

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