Tsutaya, the largest retail chain in Japan, has some great news for the performance of Hyrule Warriors. According to a translation by DualShockers, Tsutaya’s latest report says that “hardware sales [went] very well” during the Obon Season, a three-day festival in Japan.

The report also states that “The Wii U software division recorded sales nearly four times that of the previous year.” Hyrule Warriors placed at number three on the retailer’s chart.

Given the popularity of the Dynasty Warriors franchise in Japan, it makes sense for Hyrule Warriors to make a splash; but it’s very reassuring to hear. Japanese publications like Famitsu giving the game a very high review score may also have driven sales. Let’s hope for similar success elsewhere in the world when the game launches internationally next month, for both Hyrule Warriors and the Wii U system.

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