As we continue to break down the wonderful new knowledge bestowed upon us by the Hyrule Warriors-themed Nintendo Direct, here are some more gameplay details you can expect to see in the upcoming Zelda spin-off.

First up, there’s a small story detail that can be easy to miss when watching the footage. If you pause at 3:58, Impa shares some dialogue which suggests that the villain Wizzro (referred to here as simply “the wizard”) transported King Dodongo to the battlefield. It could be that he will summon a number of bosses into Link’s path in order to evade him.

While we covered the appearance of Cuccos earlier today, another missable detail is the appearance of a Golden Cucco. It is briefly seen running towards Link in the footage, though is not explained in the narration. Twilight Princess fans may recall that Link was given a Golden Cucco, which had faster flight abilities. Perhaps it will have a similar use or significance here? See for yourself in the Direct at the 6:54 mark.

Hyrule Warriors - Golden Cucco

Series producer and Hyrule Warriors supervisor Eiji Aonuma explained that cutting grass will feature strongly in the new game. As always, you can expect to find Hearts, Rupees and more but slashing away at the greenery.

Most interestingly, Aonuma went on to reveal that the development team “considered adding a stage where all you do is chop up grass, but unfortunately, that didn’t make the cut” (was that pun intended?) By the sounds of it, it could have been planned as some kind of bonus stage. You can catch the discussion at 12:25.

We’ve seen Lana wield her Book of Sorcery, and more recently a Spear. In the Nintendo Direct, she is also seen using a much more unsual weapon, known as a Summoning Gate. The footage shows her using a large cog-like object to summon a giant Cucco to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Check it out at 13:39.

Hyrule Warriors - Lana, Summoning Gate

Chain Chomp, a Mario enemy that made an appearance in Link’s Awakening, is now a weapon in Hyrule Warriors. From 16:16, you can catch Link swinging it around at his foes with deadly force, in a similar fashion to his Gauntlet weapon.

Here’s the full Nintendo Direct below. Be sure to check out our previous analysis round-up of the Direct, as well as coverage of Ganondorf’s reveal, Adventure Mode, Zant and Ghirahim as playable characters, and Cuccos,