Not the types to be left out of the spotlight, Usurper King Zant and Demon Lord Ghirahim have been announced as playable characters for Hyrule Warriors in the recent Nintendo Direct.

Zant, the crazed boss character from Twilight Princess, enters the thick of the battleground wielding his scimitars. In addition, he also uses his ability to use Twili magic to conjure a variety of objects to attack enemies, as well as being able to increase his own size to monstrous proportions.

“Tricky moves are definitely Zant’s specialty,” says Yosuke Hayashi, the producer of Hyrule Warriors.

Ghirahim, the flamboyant villain from Skyward Sword, also enters the battlefield, bringing a Demon Blade similar to the one used in his boss battle encounters. In combat, he uses a variety of sword techniques, as well as magic that sends enemies flying into the air. The footage also teased that his ability to change into his final form will also be used in combat.

You can watch the entire Nintendo Direct below, with Zant appearing at the 10:37 mark and Ghirahim at 11:18.