Over the past couple of weeks, Nintendo has released four character trailers in Japan for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors based around Link (one where he wields a Magic Rod and another where he fights with his signature sword and shield), Princess Zelda, and Impa. Now, Nintendo of America has finally released these trailers for the English-speaking masses.

The trailers are the same as their Japanese counterparts, with one exception: they include each character’s title and weapon of choice in English. Link, “the Hero”, wields the Hylian Sword and Magic Rod in the trailers, while the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, wields the Rapier. Impa, a Hyrulean Captain, displays sheer brute force with the Giant Blade .

Link, “The Hero”: Hylian Sword

Zelda, “Princess of Hyrule”: Rapier

Impa, “Hyrulean Captain”: Giant Blade

Link, “The Hero”: Magic Rod