We’ve seen plenty of screenshots and footage of Midna, and now we’ve learned a small detail regarding her role in Hyrule Warriors. This concerns the story aspect of the game, so for the extremely spoiler-sensitive among you, turn back now. Though it’s worth noting that this is taken from the official Hyrule WarriorsTwitter account, so it’s not all that major.

It seems Midna will actually be an enemy in Hyrule Warriors, at least during the start of the game. She’s a leader of “demons” — and if we’re going by the screenshot (above) that came with the tweet, then these “demons” refer to an army of Stalfos and Stalchildren.

Midna also steals a butterfly, though her motive wasn’t confirmed. Presumably, she has done this to provoke a conflict between herself and Agitha, who is a known fan of bugs.

This may explain previous screenshots showing Midna and new character Lana appearing to fight each other. If Lana is a heroine, then it would make sense for her to fight a “villain” — even if the opposition between the two is temporary.

After all, we’ve already learned from Nintendo’s Facebook page that “while searching for the Gate of Souls, Lana takes a detour to rescue Agitha from a horde of monsters”. Now, I think we have a good idea of who is leading said monsters.

Twilight Princess fans may also recall that Midna was rather manipulative and a little hostile at the start of that game, too, so it’s likely that she’ll come around and join the good guys in the fight against evil later in Hyrule Warriors.

  • Loki_GFS

    Midna is not classified as an enemy in the website, so it would make sense if she joined the good guys later in the game. After seeing these screenshots, I started being curious about the history of the game. It would be fun if you could choose the character you wish to play with in this scene, because I’m kind of cheering for Midna… XD

    • JaidynReiman

      I’m pretty sure all the villains will eventually be playable, Midna just joins far earlier probably.

      • Loki_GFS

        I’m hoping that the villains will be playable as well as the heroes, but I’m not sure if they will be playable in the main history, I’m hoping for that too. Although, I don’t think that the villains will join the heroes at any time in the history, it would be fun to play a villain history too, this is some kind of conquering tipe of game anyway, where you have to conquer the enemies territories, so, as the villain, your objective is to conquer the Hyrulean bases, instead of the villain ones. It would be interesting, that way, you could include a kind of versus battle for two players, even if both of the players choose a hero character or a villain one.

        • JaidynReiman

          They may not be playable in the main story, but they’ll probably be unlockable in alternate modes for sure.

          EDIT: My guess is there will be the ability to replay campaigns with any character you’ve unlocked as well.

          • Loki_GFS

            I agree, guess that that’s the way it’s going to work, I’m going to buy it anyway.

  • JaidynReiman

    Midna starting off as an antagonist makes sense for her character, really. She always has questionable motives anyway.

  • Nathan Camomile

    she could have been mind washed, keep in mind cia did transform her back to her Imp form

  • Melanie Mark Coleman

    Midna!!!! <3

  • Eli Williams

    To me Midna is the best thing that ever happened to Zelda. With out her Twilight Princess wouldnt be around. But making her the Demon leader is like saying Link controls all dark Links. Also that she is with Giraham