During E3, Eiji Aonuma took the time to demo the upcoming Wii U title Hyrule Warriors with GameSpot. Described as a “celebration title” of the Legend of Zelda franchise, the demo begins in Hyrule Field with Princess Zelda leading her troops into battle with a horde of enemies to fend off. Zelda is not your typical damsel in distress this time around — she has been transformed from a damsel in distress into a formidable warrior, striking down her enemies with elegance and style. Throughout the demo there are various objectives that the player accomplishes, such as defeating a specific type of enemy or securing a location from enemy forces. There are also some very impressive combos that can be performed, and one of the most intriguing moments in the demo is actually seeing Zelda open up a treasure chest for the first time! Maybe we’ll see this again in a future Zelda game, Nintendo?

The second half of the demo follows Link’s journey through Hyrule Field, similar to Zelda’s. In this version, Link wields a magical rod capable of creating large bursts of fire, destroying massive amounts of enemies in its wake. There isn’t much difference in this alternate version of the demo except for the change in the style of combat between Link and Zelda, something that will be very interesting to explore when we get to play Hyrule Warriors on September 26 and are able try out all the different playable characters for ourselves.

Some interesting information about the development process of the game also came to light during the demo. In early concepts for the game, Hyrule Warriors was going to have some of the more classic elements found in traditional Zelda games. Eiji Aonuma quickly rejected this idea though, giving the developers more freedom to mix things up and allow Hyrule Warriors to provide a unique take on the Zelda franchise. One aspect that stays true to the series though is having to find a weak point of the boss in each boss battle, maintaining that classic puzzle-solving element that is so prevalent in the main series.

One of the most exciting parts of this demo is that it features so much Princess Zelda! Her combat style is elegant but lethal, and seeing her on the front lines fighting enemies is a breath of fresh air compared to her previously constant “damsel in distress” status. With so many fans looking for a game where Zelda is the protagonist, could Hyrule Warriors finally convince Nintendo to conceive such a title?

You can watch this awesome GameSpot demo with Eiji Aonuma in its entirety below!

  • Esteban Santi

    Finally a warrior Zelda!!! I just hope the new Wii-U Zelda do the same: no more damsel in distress, a true Zelda main character at same level to Link.

  • CEObrainz

    I don’t see Zelda as that much of a damsel in distress, I do however acknowledge that she does indeed end up captured or possessed at some point in the Zelda games in general. Making Zelda a character that helps out Link (not to the extent of Hyrule Warriors) would make the new Zelda certainly interesting.

  • Daniel

    Interesting points of view that I hadn’t considered but agree: let’s have a Zelda character more powerful and independent. Though I don’t see how Zelda could get to be a playable character.

  • Chris

    My only hang-up here is that is seems odd for Zelda to be wielding a rapier as her main weapon. It would be more awesome if her primary moves involved mostly magic sort of like Super Smash games and kind of like the light arrows maybe she summoned the rapier for certain attacks, but that’s me.

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