New information has emerged about Tecmo Koei’s Hyrule Warriors, a spin-off from the main Legend of Zelda franchise that was shown off heavily this year at E3. New playable characters, items, and stages were explained in more detail on the Japanese website 4Gamer, as well as a very large batch of brand new screenshots from the game.

Author’s note: There may be some translation errors from the source article, as they claim there were some words they did not recognize during the translation process that needed to be looked up. We will update if there are any changes made or inaccuracies discovered.

Items and Weapons


Link wields a magical rod that has the ability to fire massive flames, covering a large scope and being able to take out a large amount of enemies in the process, much like the upgraded Fire Rod in A Link Between Worlds.

There are also item enhancements available in Hyrule Warriors that appear from time-to-time when you defeat an enemy, or even show up from smashing pots that the Zelda series is so famous for. These enhancements only last for a limited time, but will increase the power of an item, such as a bomb. With a powered-up bomb, for example, you would be able to blow away hordes of enemies with a single hit.


Princess Zelda


Princess Zelda is thrust into a conflict that has engulfed Hyrule and commands her soldiers from the frontlines while taking part in the battle herself in Hyrule Warriors. She has the ability to both calmly defend, but when she has to, she can be a fierce opponent. Har main weapon is a rapier, which she majestically wields and uses to fight in an elegant manner, sparing no movement as she gracefully defends her kingdom.



Midna comes from another land shrouded by Twilight and is the Princess of the Royal Family in this realm. Her appearance has been changed from the elegant form we saw in Twilight Princess to her imp form by the sorceress Cia. Midna’s goal is to track this sorceress down and regain her true form once again. While fighting, Midna is able to summon a shadow wolf with magic to ram into enemies and uses her hair to form gigantic hands to either violently strike her foes or grab them and toss them into oblivion.


Palace of Twilight


Within this palace dwells the members of the Royal Family of the Twilight Realm, who are almost a mirror image of the Royal Family found in Hyrule. In the aftermath of Twilight Princess, the link between Hyrule, the “light world”, and the Twilight Realm was completely severed. Both worlds were isolated from one another, but thanks to the magic of some unknown entity, the “link between worlds” has opened up back again.

Eldin Volcano


Violent sparks of lava are constantly flying around in this stage inspired by the Skyward Sword location bearing the same name. Although an extremely dangerous locale, mining has been done throughout the cave portions of the stage and is an excellent place to collect quality Ore, which may be an important item in the game. Eldin Volcano is not to be underestimated though, as paths can be blocked by the constant “sea of flames”. This is one place you do not want to take lightly.



New multiplayer details have surfaced for Hyrule Warriors. The multiplayer in Hyrule Warriors will involve a co-op mode with up to two players. One player will play on the Wii U GamePad, while the other player will play with Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii Remote and Nunchuck on the television screen, allowing for a multiplayer experience that does not require the TV screen to be split in two.

Weak Points


In Hyrule Warriors, some of the stronger enemies, such as Lizalfos or King Dodongo have weak points if struck after the enemy uses a specific attack, with a gauge appearing on screen. This gauge can run down if you’re “exposed to an attack”, so feeding the gauge as much as possible in order to exploit these stronger enemy’s weak points is key.

For example, one of the opportunities for a weak point attack is against King Dodongo when he opens his mouth. By throwing a bomb in his mouth, this creates an opportunity to exploit the its weak point. If the player strikes King Dodongo repeatedly thereafter, this will increase the gauge that appears on screen and will give the player the chance to perform a “weak point smash”.

As well as this wealth of information, there are also a ton of new screenshots at Player Essence (way too many to display here), so head over there and check out all of the beautiful screens of Hyrule Warriors in action! Hyrule Warriors is set to be released in North America on September 26.