In a recent interview with Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Eiji Aonuma talked about redefining what we consider to be a “puzzle” in Zelda Wii U, instead focusing on the choices that players have to make in order to move forward throughout the game as opposed to the traditional block puzzles and such to progress through dungeons.

“As a player progresses through any game, they’re making choices,” says Aonuma. “They’re making hopefully logical choices to progress them in the game. And when I hear ‘puzzle solving’ I think of like moving blocks so that a door opens or something like that. But I feel like making those logical choices and taking information that you received previously and making decisions based on that can also be a sort of puzzle-solving. So I wanna kinda rethink or maybe reconstruct the idea of puzzle-solving within the Zelda universe.”

This would be a breath of fresh air for the Zelda franchise and turn the idea of puzzle-solving in Zelda completely on its head. Will we still have traditional puzzles? Will the dreaded block puzzles that Cody hates so much finally disappear from the series? This quote opens up so many possibilities, and follows what Aonuma has been repeatedly saying about re-thinking the conventions of Zelda. With the reveal that Zelda Wii U is completely open world, this opens up so many possibilities in terms of player choice and game progression, and hopefully will give us some brand new puzzles that we have never seen before in a Zelda title.

What kind of puzzles would you like to see in Zelda Wii U?

  • Mojoz

    I would like to see hard ones. That is all i ask for.

    • Trinosaur

      So long as I don’t have an annoying companion who gives away all of the answers or tells me when my wii remote is out of batteries, I’m all for challenging puzzles

      • Jonathan Payne

        Definitely second the annoying companion part, but I have to wonder about the challenging puzzle part. I’m all for puzzles that make you think a little harder as much as the next person, but is it possible that the puzzles are easier for us because we’ve gotten older and are better thinkers? I remember having a real tough time with the Master Sword puzzle in Twilight Princess back when I was a freshman in high school, while the Isle of Song puzzle was a lot easier when I was a Sophomore in college. I just wonder if the games seem to be getting easier, when in actuality, we are all just growing up and getting smarter.

        • Chad

          I’d rather an awfully hard puzzle than a supremely easy one(lol block puzzles).MM had some great puzzles what with the 3-Day time limit. I’d like to see some stuff along those lines.

        • Trinosaur

          Hence, Aonuma wanting to change the way Zelda works. We are definitely well-practiced with the Zelda formula, to the point where many fans are growing bored of the predictably easy puzzles. It’s time for a change. And with change comes a challenge. That’s what I meant.

  • Darkstar

    Perhaps if they created dungeons with similar enemies/bosses as Pandora’s Tower, the difficulty would increase to an intermediate level.

  • Soeroah

    I’m fond of the puzzles in the Uncharted series, the sort of Indiana Jones type interpret-glyphs-and-wall-depictions-to-manipulate-mechanisms-or-get-through-a-maze type of puzzle. It would fit quite well with the Zelda series, I think.

    Like if there were a poem made out of hyruleglyphs that hinted at the correct order of doors to pass through to complete a puzzle, with wrong options causing traps to trigger/enemies to spawn.

    “Hylia’s blessing smiled upon the western seas” meaning “follow the passage with the bird symbol, take the first right, and only step in the water, not the bridges. That sort of thing.

  • Joana Cartageno

    I’d like to see Ocarina of Time-like puzzles. I like thinking outside the box to solve a puzzle. I like to be forced to have EVERY possibility in mind to solve a puzzle. But I want it to be logical (not like monkey island’s that where more like a leap of faith solving something haha), I want it to be rational, but of course, not exactly something you’d expect. I believe Aunuma can fulfill all of our dreams as Zelda fans, eventhough I feel he got a little away from my standards when they launched Skyward Sword (a game I found so boring I could barely play it). So far, I believe he kinda listened to what fans where saying around the internet (I do not agree with those who say players can’t imagine beareble worlds, and those who say that if someone created a game outta those opinions that game would be un-playeable) and introduced some new fantastic ideas (and the graphics, oh my- they are just outstanding). To me, Link is the hero of Time, he wields the Master Sword, he rides Epona, and he will defeat Ganon in order to save Zelda. As long as they remain that the same, I’ll be happy enough to play a new Zelda game. But, an open world? I believe that’d give me a heartattack.

  • Rupert

    As long as the puzzles don’t totally take over the gameplay like they did in SS and the DS games, go for it. Zelda is supposed to be an Action-Adventure game, not a puzzle game.

    • Gecks

      One thing I think SS excelled in; I was constantly moving. There weren’t long stretches of me just looking around with no clue of what to do next. It was due to the fact that they took the puzzles out the dungeons and layed them on the field.

  • whitepet

    i want to see puzzles that are truly novel that i don’t know how to solve within the first 10 seconds of encountering them because i’ve seen them before in zelda games.

  • rusVan

    Ocarina of Time-style game dynamics. There was a ton to remember yet nothing was there to record or remind you of what to do next! Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword were too easy to beat because there was never any question of what to do next! There was hardly ever excitement over discoveries either, not like in OOT and MM, or in the original Legend of Zelda! I miss those games, I felt like a real explorer. I also want TONS of by standing characters, larger and multilple towns, and deeper in game conversations. Twilight Princess was the best in that regard!
    1) The content and denseness of TP.
    2) the open vastness of WW
    3) the dynamic puzzles of OOT and MM
    4) hopefully the darkness of MM and TP

    • Gecks

      Majora’s Mask the only one I see a truly dark. Twilight Princess had dark elements but I feel its tone was more melancholy overall.

    • Bernard Moran

      Funny, I thought TP’s biggest issue ws how empty and lacking in content it was – Kakariko was empty, you couldnt interact with the many NPCs in castle town and the few times you could weren’t very meaningful. I agree we need more towns and better, deeper NPCs, but TP is a bad exaample for that.

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