While we already reported on the fact that Bayonetta will have the ability to don Link’s signature tunic from the Zelda franchise in the Bayonetta rerelease (which will come packaged with Bayonetta 2), more details have surfaced on how it will affect the game itself.

In addition to some details we have already discussed, such as the inclusion of the Hylian Shield, Master Sword, and the Zelda “puzzle” chime, the currency in Bayonetta will also change from Halos to Rupees. When Rupees are picked up,the same chime will be heard from when you pick up Rupees in a Zelda game. The item-finding music from Zelda titles is also present, giving off a slight feeling of nostalgia.

One interesting tidbit about Link’s green attire in the game that came from Bayonetta 2‘s director Yusuke Hashimoto was that in the initial design process, there was an undershirt beneath Link’s tunic. Nintendo actually told Platinum Games to remove the undershirt, feeling that it “didn’t fit Bayonetta’s character”, much to their surprise. Platinum Games then complied, giving us Bayonetta’s final look in Link’s classic garb that we see today.

How do you think Bayonetta looks in her new Legend of Zelda get-up?