Allow me to start this post with a recommendation: check out Pete Dorr on YouTube. He’s a hardcore video game collector with a room crammed with an insane amount of games, consoles and gaming merchandise.

Usually, Pete’s videos give us an in-depth look at different parts of his collection, as well as insightful reviews on obscure games. In his recent video, however, he’s trying something a little different, as he delves into the field of journalism.

Enter Dylan, who has a collection of his own that appears as though it may soon rival that of Pete’s… and he’s just 13 years of age!

Dylan has a particular passion for Nintendo games. “Nintendo is my roots. The nostalgia and adventure is really in Nintendo games. Nintendo really defines to me the atmosphere of video games.”

The video is a great response to the large number of adult gamers who often claim that the younger generation are only into Call of Duty and Minecraft. It’s fantastic to see appreciation for the classics will continue.

He’s even starting up his own YouTube channel! Be sure to follow the young gamer by subscribing to GameBoyReviews.

Oh, and if you want a look at some impressive Zelda collections, take a look at our new feature, Collector’s Corner.

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  • CEObrainz

    Beyond a few titles, I don’t see the point in collecting retro stuff. What I will say is that once I do get a game/console, it stays with me for life. My N64 was the first gaming device I played on at the age of 4 and it still works today which goes to show how well made they were.

    • The Doctor

      Yeah, same here. I have a Gamecube controller that’s put 350+ hours into Melee, 200+ hours into Brawl, many hours into Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii, and it’s beaten OoT, WW, MM, and TP a few times each. Surprisingly, it still works perfectly!

      • drnedaj

        Couldn’t say that about an n64 controller, those sticks were awful.

        • Miyamoto

          Its Mario Party’s fault and their tug o’ war-like minigames

  • dat guy

    I have a friend who’s name is Dylan, and he collects random retro stuff…

  • Abe

    It must be nice having your parents buy you all the video games and systems you want. When I was a child, I had to save birthday money from relatives and sell toys to friends so I could buy the games I wanted. It made me appreciate them so much more.
    But on the bright side, it’s refreshing to see a kid so young who understands the value of Nintendo and what they’ve brought and still bring to the gaming world.

    • Michael

      Wait… He doesn’t have to pay? o.o

  • BudBud

    Man he’s annoying….

  • Lolzormatic

    I would say that he is more of a hoarder than a collector.

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