The Hyrule Warriors launch date is quickly approaching, and with it comes new official artwork. Yesterday, we reported new details and screenshots, and it looks like we can expect plenty of action and beautiful graphics in the upcoming game. We’ve already learned Impa is set to be a playable character, but according to the game’s website, at least one other playable character and enemy will be revealed soon.

Hyrule Warriors comes out August 14 in Japan.


hyrule warriors full





Link and Impa in action



















  • Anthony Moseley

    Screenshots are looking really great. I’m excited for this. The only questions I have are: Will this be canon as far as the Zelda timeline goes? If so, what part of the timeline does this take place? The Hyrule Castle design suggests either before or after Twilight Princess, though I suppose it could be pre-OoT as well.

    • JaidynReiman

      My personal thought is post-MM after Link gets back to Hyrule. So far everything is remiscient of OOT. Shia resembles the Poe Sister Meg with her color scheme, helmet, and her staff resembles the torch, Valga is clearly based on Volvagia, and Wizzros looks similar to OOT Poes and highly resembles the Poe Shop Owner.

      In one of the screenshots Shia appears to be activating what may be the Mirror of Twilight, as well.

      Granted, Impa looks different, but it could just be a retcon. And even then, she does appear to be a cross between OOT and SS Impa, even if her main features are closer to SS Impa.

      In regards to Link, him coming back to Hyrule and becoming a knight would be an interesting plot development. OOT Link is already a hero, but the only ones who know that are Link and Zelda, plus perhaps the sages, so Link would still have to go through training.

      Another possibility is just pre-OOT during the Hyrulean Civil War; Link is actually OOT Link’s father. Personally, though, I think just post-OOT makes more sense, and during the course of the game it can even showcase Ganondorf’s botched execution at the Mirror of Twilight.

      Naturally its a bit too early to suggest anything, but from what I’m seeing, if its canon, just post-MM I think is the most logical suggestion.

      • Docforexit347

        Are you trying to say that This Link is the father to the Link that was put in the care of the Koriko forest kids
        In OoT?

        • JaidynReiman

          Depending on if the game is canon and where its place, this Link could potentially be the father of OOT Link. Or he could be OOT Link, or he could be a new Link entirely.

          Personally, my favorite idea would be for this Link to be OOT Link after he returns to Hyrule following the events of Majora’s Mask.

          Its Kokiri, by the way, not Koriko.

          • CEObrainz

            I’m hoping that the game follows OOT Link’s adventures and acts as the final game in the Trilogy.

          • JaidynReiman


          • True Davad

            I’m pretty sure this game is non-canon. This was apparent to me at announcement. Why fit a game confirmed not to be part of the main series into the timeline? If it was canon It can’t be the Hero of TIme Link because he wouldn’t be a soldier in Hyrule’s army.. And that Impa had a short sword on her back. It will still be an amazing game though.

          • CEObrainz

            It makes sense that it wouldn’t be right for this game to be part of the timeline because it’s a spin-off title developed by a third part company.

            But why would you say it’s not likely that Link joins the army? After leaving Termina as a kid, Link may decide to join the army when he grows a little older, no one knows of his exploits apart from perhaps Zelda so it does seem plausible.

          • True Davad

            Okay I see your point. I personally doubt it but it might be plausible.

          • JaidynReiman

            Impa can always decide to go for a new sword. Plus, recall that the Impa we knew was from when Link pulled the Master Sword and went into the future. This Impa could be one where Link did not pull the sword, and with Hyrule not overrun by Ganondorf, as Zelda gets older Impa no longer needs to watch over her as closely. So Impa becomes a knight to further help protect Hyrule.

            Its not hard to imagine, really. Same case with Link, he comes back from Termina and decides to become a knight to continue protecting his homeland. He can’t return to the forest because he’s aging. No one knows of his exploits except maybe Zelda, so he has to start off as a trainee but he still has the skills of his prior adventures, so he’s able to climb in the ranks quickly.

            Not saying it will happen, but it’d be a neat twist. (And what appears to be Skyloft falling from the sky? Looks like a time-space rift was opened up and Skyloft is falling through that.)

          • luis garcia

            Well actually he never said it was not canon. What he said was that it was not like the traditional games and that game is still being made by nintendo.

          • GreenLinkMaster

            well Nintendo is NOT making the game, but is overseeing its creation.

          • Docforexit347

            ppphhtttt I knew that

  • WiicardoBA

    Will this game fill the gap of the “great war” ?

    • Neeko

      Hopefully not. Nintendo has stated multiple times that this is not a core game, but a side venture. I hope we get a fully dedicated core game to tell us the epic tale of the Hylian Civiil wars….which have been TALKED about in the games for decades now…

      • JaidynReiman

        Honestly, the main Zelda formula doesn’t really fit in a “war” type of scenario. This type of game better fits the idea of exploring some of the wars throughout the Zelda timeline.

        Just because its not a “core” game doesn’t mean it can’t explore the events of one of the many Wars in the Zelda history. Its not a core game in the sense that it doesn’t follow the traditional Zelda gameplay.

  • Azincain

    I’m actually disappointed that Impa isn’t as tan as she was in SS or Oot other than that the art looks nice. I agree though that if it falls under time line it’s most likely oot link after he’s grown.

  • CEObrainz

    The image of the temple like place is what I meant when I commented about the recreation of the Temple of Time with Unreal.

    • Ryan Haynes

      Yes I see what you mean. The “presence” that Unreal ToT lacked is certainly there.

  • Riki Sara Wichman

    I really need to catch up on the Zelda games :'( I’ve only been playing The legend of Zelda ocarina of time & majora’s mask because they are my fav’s!! >__< but this one looks so awesome I cant stop looking at the pictures, sure have changed bit thou. love link's scarf too ://3

    • Xaq

      Seriously, catch up! All the games are so good! At the very least play Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. And then, once you get hooked by the main console games, play the DS ones (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks).

  • GreenLinkMaster

    well it does deffinetly look interesting. as for the thing some people have compared to a poe, I have to say the red eye kinda makes me think of Bellum from Phantum Hourglass, as well as that creepy poe keeper in the ruined Castle Town of OoT. but the Ring and Cloak make me think of Ariham, or what ever the name was of that Wizard in ALttP. and yes, it also looks sorta like a Poe to.

    • Xaq

      Looks a lot like a poe! Good points, tho. (Aghanim — the LttP wizard you mentioned). Nice profile pic btw!

      • GreenLinkMaster

        thank you, I like it to. also thought it would work here and go well the “GreenLinkMaster” username.

  • Dekuscrubking1986

    O.O can I play that awsome poe king ?!

  • Daniel

    I do not like the direction this is taking. It seems to me that they are about to destroy the legend.

  • Talmor

    I think it’s the Great Fairy’s Fountain in that second to last shot…. While I’m undecided about Hyrule Warriors, I can say I honestly love the art for the most part (Cia’s stupidly sexualized).