In Nintendo’s latest Super Smash Bros. Direct presentation, Masahiro Sakurai, director of the Super Smash Bros. Series, revealed that each stage would include its own “Final Destination”-like incarnation. In Tuesday’s Super Smash Bros. 4 pic of the day, the Gerudo Valley version of Final Destination was unveiled along with a bit of commentary from the director himself.

“This is the final destination version of Gerudo Valley. No more surprise visits from Koume and Kotake, and the bridge is gone.”

“There are no distractions and there’s nowhere to run. And the score that plays in the background is “Gerudo Valley.””

This sounds as epic as can be! If only the match-up could include Link versus Ganondorf rather than Link versus Sheik.

Hopefully additional Zelda characters and stages are continued to be announced leading up to the 3DS version’s release of Super Smash Bros. 4 this summer!

  • JaidynReiman

    The one thing Ganondorf needs is a new moveset. If Ganondorf gets a new moveset, we’re golden and don’t need to worry too much about anything else. That said I still think Zelda could get a new character, just not sure who would be picked.

    This update was quite interested, too, as it confirms Final Destination versions of stages are in fact on 3DS.

    • Hypernauts

      i’m happy its the twilight princess zelda incarnation instead of the skyward sword verison.

      • CEObrainz

        I’m hoping SS Zelda is a skin for the character.

        • JaidynReiman

          Yes, I’d love to see that.

        • Morgan

          I was disappointed we didn’t get SS Zelda as the main skin for the character. I’m hoping she’s a skin Smash 4. I really, really liked her design.

    • veeronic

      how about the same moveset but using his sword.

      • CEObrainz

        It wouldn’t be the same moveset then, still changed which in this case is better.

      • JaidynReiman

        As CEObrainz said, if you give him a sword then that will change nearly everything about him already. His moveset consists of punches and kicks; giving him a sword would change most of those punches into slashes, and maybe even some of his “Captain Falcon” dashes would have sword swings added as well.

        Regardless I’d still rather they grab from his boss battles and give him something more specific to him.

        • Morgan

          If you give him his sword that would be interesting, as, you could then probably add Demise as a “skin” for Ganondorf given his sword.

          • JaidynReiman

            My thoughts exactly. I think there’s a high chance we may see “character skins” as a new feature in this game (especially due to this whole “custom movesets”).

          • Ryan Haynes

            Maybe even a “possessed Zelda” Skin.

    • CEObrainz

      It means that competitive players do have a reason to buy the 3DS version. It would be much easier to organize events too; no more worries about bringing enough consoles, TV’s, etc.

    • TristanTsunami

      Or Zant. Both are better than Gannon, who is already to OU in Zelda to be interesting at this point to me.

      • JaidynReiman


        Ganondorf has always been the main Zelda antagonist regardless of what form he takes. It’d be a crime NOT to bring him back. He was absent for one game (SS), and both recent remake games feature Ganondorf as well.

        • TristanTsunami

          I know all of those things. He’s just…gotten kinda dull and boring to me. Like Bowser, I can take or leave him. No offenese intended but that is how I feel.
          If you have to chop a Zelda Character to allow a new one with the potential of pretty interesting and fun movepool like I see Ghirahim having, I’d pick Gannondorf. I’m just a tad bored with him is all in Smash Bros.
          He can stay in Zelda, but I don’t mind new villains every so often. Look at Yuga, that was VERY well done if you ask me. He didn’t want to revive Gannon, no he just wanted to absorb his power, which he did. Yuga Gannon was very fun boss for me. In fact, that would be nice character to have in the new Smash Bros.

  • Gloverman64

    Let’s be real. Ganondorf should have had his own moveset in Melee.

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